The Tajh Boyd Chronicles

CLEMSON - Freshman quarterback Tajh Boyd has agreed to do a weekly diary for CUTigers, chronicling his first year in Tigertown.

It was a great experience in my first game Saturday. It was unreal. When I came for my visit, it wasn't here for a football game, it was the basketball game against Wake Forest.

The first kickoff was ridiculous. I've never heard a crowd that loud. It was so loud.

The defensive performance, the defense played lights out. I was really, really, very impressed with all those guys. Brandon Maye was my host on my visit. I was really excited to see him out there just going crazy. It was really good.

I watched the Ohio State/Navy game, the Alabama and Virginia Tech game and the Miami and Florida State game (Monday) night. It was a good game. I also watched Tulane and Tulsa. I watched a few games.

Watching the Oregon game, I saw after the game when it was happening. It was a crazy after the game. I want to know what the Boise State guy said to him. But that's a tough way to finish the season and it was the first game of the season. He should have clamed down a little bit. That's a rough way to start the season.

A typical day for me, so far, I lift in the power hour thing. I go to some meetings. I go over the hand signals for muscle memory. I'm starting to get all the plays down. I start off doing all the drills and doing the RBAs with the receivers and stuff like that. For the most part, later during practice, I'm just observing and going over everything in my head.

I'm looking forward to Thursday. It's definitely going to be tight. I've never been involved with an ESPN game, so it should be cool.

It's a very quick turn around. Everybody is taking advantage of the time we get. We're working hard and studying the film really hard. The coaches are making sure we're preparing for it in practice.

They've got a very solid defensive end. We've got some great offensive lineman that can block him though. They've got a few good corners out there— No. 1 and No. 2. They're a very fundamentally sound team. I'm looking forward to see how we do against them, but we have a very strong team. As long as everything goes like it should, we've been working hard. i think we'll come out with a ‘W'.

I looked at Josh Nesbitt's stats and they only threw it like 63 times last year. I guess it works for them, so more power to them.

I think I would do alright running that option but that's not something that I would want to try to go to because it wouldn't prepare me for the next level. That offense is more for a running back.

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