AUDIO: Swinney, Spiller, Steele, Parker

ATLANTA - Listen to Dabo Swinney, Kevin Steele, C.J. Spiller and Kyle Parker.

Dabo Swinney: (16:57)

Tough night. Came out on the short end of it. I'm sure it was phenomenal to be sitting at home watching it with popcorn and coke. I will tell you this right now ... I couldn't be more proud of our kids coming back from 24 points down on the road. We had 27 unanswered points ... on the road against a top-ranked team. When we came in at halftime there was no doubt. We were focused and made adjustments.

Once again, just like last year, we get another big holding call ... on a big completion to Jacoby. We weren't able to overcome that. I got my butt outcoached in the first. I didn't do a good job ... we had an issue on fourth and inches. We called it wrong. Then we had the pooch field goal ... we were supposed to punt the ball out of bounds.

Then we gave up the big play on defense. Bam bam bam ... it was 21 points right there.

Outside of that the Tigers dominated. That's disappointing. I told the team if we can harness that effort and that will to win we are going to have a special year this year.

Maybe we will see this team again down the road. There's no quit in this football team. This group right here is a group that will lay it on the line. We will learn from this. This loss won't beat us twice. This win wouldn't have made our season this loss won't cost our season. We'll fix the mistakes and learn from it and we'll be ready for Boston College.

Every goal is still on the table. Every single one. There hasn't been one ACC team that's been undefeated [since expansion].

We'll get some more shots. We'll have our opportunity next week at noon. Overall I'm proud of our team. C.J. Spiller made some plays on that field tonight. He was the best player on the field.

Kyle Parker a freshman? Are you kidding me? This kid is special. We hit them in the mouth in the second half and I couldn't be more proud of them getting it done.

And how about Richard Jackson with the 52-yard kick to put us on top. There's no negative in this head or in those players' heads. It was a great football game.

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