Miller Hosting Demetris Summers

Demetris Summers, one of the top running backs in the country this year, is in Clemson this weekend for his official visit. was able to grab a couple of images of Summers, and his host, Justin Miller, at Saturday's basketball game against the Maryland Terrapins.

Summers took in the game with freshman All-American cornerback Justin Miller, and his head football coach from Lexington.

Summers appeared to have a great time at the game, even though him and Miller spent most of the time watching what was going on instead of talking. By all accounts, early indications are that his visit has been a huge success.

His mother and his aunt have reportedly been very impressed with what Clemson has to offer, including Vickery Hall and the facilities and upgrades that have been planned around campus.

Miller is planning on taking Summers to a couple of parties this evening, although the exact location is unknown.

An interesting side note, the Clemson student section at the basketball game began chanting, "We want Summers! We want Summers!" Demetris responded to the cheer and entire area was ecstatic!

Isn't it amazing how recruiting has become such a mainstream ordeal these days? Even college students are now fully aware of what is going on during the offseason.

Summers and the other recruits at the game, including Freddy Saint-Preux, were sitting almost mid court, parallel with the end of the Clemson bench.

A source close to the Tigers confirmed that Summers had met extensively with Brad Scott earlier in the day. Scott has been Summers' recruiter from day one. Top Stories