Shaq Anthony talks Tigers

A week after his trip to Clemson, caught up with 2011 offensive tackle Shaq Anthony minutes before his departure for Athens to see Georgia versus South Carolina.

Watching Clemson beat Middle Tennessee was a great experience as usual for Anthony, who has spent many a Saturday in Death Valley. His father, Vernie played defensive tackle on the 1981 National Championship team.

"I had a great time going to see the Tigers play and watching them run down the hill," the younger Anthony said.

A 6-foot-5 255 pound tackle at Wren HS, he was able to check the most important thing off his to do list last weekend: meet and get to know some of the other top recruits.

"That's one of the things I love about going to these things—hanging out with the other recruits and just meeting these guys that are getting offered by these top schools," Anthony said.

While at Clemson, he met 2010 offensive line commits Kalon Davis from Chester HS and David Beasley, who's from Carver HS (GA), Carver HS defensive end Gabe Wright, a fellow 2011 prospect and Beaufort HS linebacker Justin Parker.

Anthony said he's best friends with Daniel HS defensive tackle and 2011 commit DeShaun Williams, who was also around for the game.

Though he claims no favorites right now, to Anthony's offers (along with Clemson) include South Carolina, Duke, East Carolina and Georgia.

"The recruiting process just started for me this summer. Meeting these guys that are getting offered by Georgia and Clemson is really cool for me to be getting this opportunity that I've been blessed with," he said. "These guys are going to be playing college football with me."

Anthony said he had a good conversation with Coach Dabo Swinney last weekend..

Being around the pageantry that is football Saturday in Clemson was just another perk of being in Tigertown on game day.

"The Clemson atmosphere, seeing the Tiger walk, it was really crazy," Anthony said.

Other priorities on Anthony's list of evaluating schools is the religious base.

"Like what the school believes as a football team and some of the coaching staff. Christianity is one of the top things in my family," he said.

Academics and the coaching staff will play important roles too.

Not sure of what he'd like to study, Anthony is looking at business management and mechanical/sound engineering. Life after football could see him working with cars (mechanical engineering) or getting into real-estate work with his family (business management).

There's plenty of time before those decisions must be made. He's barely a semester into his junior year and four games into this season.

"We're 3-1. We beat Woodmont (Friday) night," Anthony said. "It was an ugly win but a good one."

Feeling good with his play, especially his pass blocking, he's gaining confidence each week.

"I love doing that. That's my game. That's where I'm athletically skilled," he said.

As his punch continues to grow into what he wants it to be, Anthony doesn't shy from adding he wants to improve his run blocking.

"I want to be as confident in my run blocking as I am with my pass blocking," he said. Top Stories