Talking offense (part II)

CLEMSON - More with Clemson offensive coordinator Billy Napier.

Hughes always comes off that same side?
Napier: Hughes comes off the right tackle.

Will it take two people mostly on most snaps (to block him)?
Napier: It just depends. We're going to do what we can do to help our guy. What we do, I'm not going to put that on the front page of the newspaper-hopefully we'll have a guy out there with great effort and fundamentals who will fight his tail off. (Hughes) is a good player. I think the kid from Georgia Tech is a good player. Our ends are good players. (Hughes) led the country in sacks last year. He's a great speed rusher and he's very talented. He's a guy that we plan for and every team they play plans for. There will be a plan in place to help slow him down a little bit.

Based on how (Landon) Walker played against BC, are you encouraged?
Napier: I think Walker can improve. But he didn't have any loafs. He played good for the most part, but definitely room for improvement. Walker has been around the block. He knows what to expect. He knows how to get ready to play. He knows what it's like to run out there and tee it up. He's got to have a great week of preparation. He's got to play hard and play with great fundamentals and do your best. That's what we ask of our guys.

How patient are you going to be with the running game, knowing their success against the run?
Napier: Every week, for our team to be successful, our defense has to stop the run and we have to be capable running the ball. We'll try to be creative and find ways to run it. Our guys will take a lot of pride in it. Last week, our plan worked pretty effectively. We're working hard this week and continue to put the plan together to try to find a way to run the ball and get C.J. (Spiller) involved as early as possible.

Do you think this offense established its identity?
Napier: I think we can improve. I think we've got a lot of young players who are starting to figure it out a little bit…I think we've got a lot of guys who are starting to figure out what it's all about. As time goes, I think we can improve. As our younger players continue to get experience I think we'll get better.

What do you think you guys have done best through three games offensively?
Napier: Run the ball. I think we've been capable. I think we've run the ball affectively each week. We'd be better on third down if we did better in short yardage and goal line situations. I think we've done some good things. We've gotten it to our guys who can do something with it. I think there are specific areas where we can improve. We did improve last week with only one penalty on offense and no pre-snap penalties. I'd like to see the turnovers. Without the interceptions, we're in pretty good shape. The quarterback has to grow up a little bit. We're catering to our strengths. One thing that we've done is given our guys a chance to go play. We've managed the game and given our team a chance to win each game we've been in.

How much does it concern you that you haven't had a second or third receiver kind of step up behind Jacoby?
Napier: We knew that going in. That's where we are at. It's like some of those young players I was talking about. They're trying to figure it out and get a little taste of it. They're growing up and starting to figure out what it takes. We're fortunate enough to have some other guys that they can observe and watch and see how they do things. That's helped. I'm anxious to see who those guys are going to be. It's going to be competitive. I think we've got some guys that can get it done.

You talked about conservatism in the pre-red zone, do you think when you are in the red zone you could be more aggressive?
Napier: I think we can. I think there's no question where you look back, at two calls in particular on first down, and say maybe we could have done some things different. That's part of it. That'll get you occasionally. But we've got to score more touchdowns. There are going to be games where three isn't going to be enough and our kicker may not be having a great day like he had. We've got to take care of the ball a little more at quarterback. We have to score more touchdowns in the red zone.

Would you think this week they're going to try to make Parker beat them because they're able to stop the run pretty regularly? Does that open up opportunities for big plays?
Napier: Anytime you load up the box to stop the run you've got matchups on the outside. That's the chess game being played every game in football. It's not just us on Saturday but everywhere around the country. I think anytime that you're making a legitimate effort to stop the run there's some matchup opportunities. Top Stories