Tigers expect Parker to bounce back

CLEMSON - Kyle Parker drew raved reviews after the 30-27 loss to Georgia Tech. But after Saturday's 25-7 win over Boston College, those reviews were a little more mixed.

On the first two Clemson possessions, he was intercepted by Boston College defenders and his overall frustration was obvious in his body language after the second.

On Tuesday, offensive coordinator Billy Napier was obliged to talk about what it's going to take to continue developing Parker, instead of talking about how the Tigers lost. Napier will take the win every time. He's encouraged that Clemson won, despite Parker's early struggles.

"I think it's very good for him and his progression to make some mistakes occasionally," Napier said. "You live and learn, hopefully in wins and go from there."

Parker, who finished with 13 completions on 27 attempts, 103 yards and two interceptions, admitted that he forced the issue a little too much on the first interception.

"I tried to throw one in there instead of just taking what they give me, picking up two or three yards and just kicking the field goal," he said.

With the game in hand, Parker managed the clock well, doing what was asked of him.

"The thing that stood out to me is once he made a few of those mistakes, I think he managed the game a little cautious from there on out," Napier said.

Parker's experience, albeit was earlier in the game, may have already kicked in too.

"Experience is a precious thing. Experience comes from making mistakes," said Coach Dabo Swinney during his Tuesday press conference.

"That's what wisdom comes from…experience is learning from mistakes. He's getting experience every day and every practice."

In what some said was going to be a work in progress, Jacoby Ford believes things are coming along fine on offense, despite taking a conservative slow down approach during Saturday's game. He believes the offense showed its true identity during the comeback loss at Georgia Tech.

"I think if we can go out there and play with that intensity week in and week out, we'll be alright," Ford said.

Parker is most encouraged by the offenses' ability to go out and do what's asked. Whether it's milking the clock in the second half against Boston College or scoring quickly and often against Georgia Tech, the Tigers have some glimpses of ability to play with a lead and play from behind.

"It's just the little things in different situations," he said.

Swinney expects this Saturday's game against Texas Christian to be more like the second half against Georgia Tech and less like the first half against Boston College. Somewhere in the middle might be enough to win.

"I look for (Parker) to bounce back and have a great day," Swinney said.

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