The Tajh Boyd Chronicles

CLEMSON - Freshman quarterback Tajh Boyd is now working with the scout team simulating TCU this week in practice. He talks about that and much more in this week's edition of his freshman year diary with

That game Saturday was kind of rough. We go into the locker room and you've got 30 minutes in there. Then we go back out for 10 minutes then they're like, we've got 30 minutes again. When we got out of the game it was like 5 something and the game started at 12. It was a little different.

The energy level wasn't as high as I expected it to be. It was relaxed and chill. The players were sitting around. But we stretched out and everything like that. The defense just had a ridiculous game and the special teams did pretty well too. The defense never really lost a beat.

BC is not a bad team at all. They've got some young guys playing out there. BC is always a good, competitive team, even when I watched them in the past. It's good to start (division play) with a W.

Last year, I watched a lot of college football games, and I know TCU has a spectacular defense. They've got the No. 3 ranked secondary or something like that. They're up there. The whole secondary came back from last year and they led the NCAA in one category, I can't remember which. The game should be sold out. I think it should be a real good atmosphere. It's kind of awkward to me that the game isn't on national television. I don't know if Georgia Tech is our only ESPN game. I think this should be a prime time game.

But we've got to still go out here and keep working to prove we're one of the best teams in the country.

My younger brother T.J. is at Seneca High playing safety right now. The team is kind of struggling a little bit, but hopefully they'll get better as the season is going along. But he's doing alright so far. I've been to two games so far. He'll play somewhere. I'm going to do as much as I can to help him in his decision. To me, he looks like one of the biggest guys out there. I think he's having a solid season.

Now, I run scout offense. It's good for me to work against the first team and see where I stand. I'm out there competing and having fun. I think I do pretty decent. It's more getting the speed down so whenever I do get on the field it won't be a big adjustment. We've got one of the best defenses in the country. I feel if I'm able to go out here and do something against this defense when we get here and play these other teams, it should be different.

I know last year TCU threw a lot. When we're going to go out for scout team this week, we're going to try and give them the best look we can. There's no hitting. You can get tapped, but not wrapped up. There are some big guys over there.

I lift everyday with the power hour. It's cool. I'm at about 225 right now. I was at 218ish when I came for the spring. I'm going to make sure I keep it even right here and tone everything out.

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