TCU more than just Hughes

CLEMSON - Tight end/offensive tackle coach Danny Pearman believes there's more to the Texas Christian defense than consensus All-American defensive end Jerry Hughes.

For starters, he's not discounting what's on the other side of the Horned Frog pass rush-Wayne Daniels.

And it's not only good players, but also a good scheme, which defensive-minded Gary Patterson has used to make a name for himself during his tenure at Texas Christian. According to Pearman, the Horned Frogs are fundamentally sound across the board.

"They take good angles, they tackle, they're hitters and they run well to the football," he said. "I think those are the things that make you a good defensive coach. This team has that."

There will be a couple of plans in place on Saturday in case Chris Hairston isn't ready to go because of an MCL sprain. Blocking Hughes could be left up to the two listed at right tackle on the Clemson depth chart-Landon Walker and David Smith.

Walker made his first start of the year last week against Boston College in place of Cory Lambert, who would start at left tackle if Hairston is scratched.

"The coaches felt like I did pretty well against Boston College," Walker said. "It's kind of hard to determine success-not to take anything away from Boston College-but they don't have to speed guys that we'll see the rest of the year."

Every time Walker has watched Hughes' film, he's over the right tackle side. It's pretty apparent what Hughes does.
"He's got a really good speed rush. That's his big thing, not really power," Walker said.

Hoping to reverse the misfortunes of the touchdown opportunities in the red zone, he doesn't believe field goals are always going to win games. Just because six field goals were good enough to beat Boston College it may not be the case in future weeks. Walker believes they'll have to start scoring six, instead of three.

It's going to have start this weekend against Texas Christian if Clemson is going to win.

"In my eyes, the best offense is going to win the ball game," he said. "There are two, really good defenses, in my opinion."

Walker views the chance to block Hughes as a good opportunity and will play a big part in several plans Pearman and the Clemson coaches will have in place for Saturday.

"If something goes wrong, that's why someone else has an opportunity. That's the way you have to look at it," he said. "You challenge these guys to see if they rise to the occasion and get their best effort." Top Stories