AUDIO: Dabo, Napier, Spiller, Parker...

CLEMSON - Listen to Dabo Swinney, Billy Napier and the players talk after Saturday's loss.

ON THE GAME: The team came out and competed today. I'm glad that we had zero turnovers, which was great for our team. Both of the teams battled it out today, and it came down to a few plays. Unfortunately, they made a couple more plays at the end of the game. It's a tough loss for our team, but I'm proud that we played consistently, and competed today.

ON THE DEFENSE: We didn't do a good job on the quarterback (Andy Dalton) today. We did a great job defending Joseph Turner (#24), but we didn't stop the rush from the quarterback as well as we needed to today.

ON THE OFFENSE: I liked our effort up front. We did not have Chris Hairston today; however, everyone stepped up and we were able to run the ball today. We had some big plays, but the two critical drops in the end zone hurt us. Overall, our kids fought hard today. Again, TCU just made a couple more plays than us.

C.J. SPILLER: (5:08)
Any loss is not good, but we fought, we played hard. We can't ask for any more. We didn't have too many critical errors. I thought we played probably the best game we've played offensively. You've got to give them credit. That was a tough defense we went up against. They don't give up too many points, but I think our guys did a pretty good job of holding up against them.

We had chances early to make plays. I thought we played hard and the offensive line did an outstanding job out there. I'd say the most frustrating thing is that we didn't win, and I thought we could have. We played well enough to. I'm really proud of our guys.


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