Korn discusses rumor mill

CLEMSON - Last year the rumor mill had Willy Korn leaving Clemson for Furman.

The mill is cranked back up and this time it has him destined for Appalachian State. He insists that they're just that-rumors. But they could be closer to the side of truth after this year.

"It's a little bit more believable this year because I've only got two more years of eligibility after this year…I guess people would believe it more with my situation this year and not getting a whole lot of playing time," he said. "It's not frustrating. I guess I kind of expected at some point someone would start a rumor."

Like anybody else on the team, Korn said he'll evaluate his situation by considering how 2009 went, reflecting on his career as a whole and thinking about what the future holds.

"It's nothing I can forecast this early in the season. We've only played four ball games. A lot can still happen and a lot can still change. A lot of good things can still happen for me here," he said.

Korn admitted that it has been "a little frustrating" to not play in losses to Georgia Tech and Texas Christian.

"I understand in these two games that the circumstances didn't merit me getting any playing time," he said.

What's more is that Coach Dabo Swinney guaranteed Korn that he'd play in every game this year.

"I'd like to get some more snaps and some more opportunities and really see my role expand a little bit more," Korn said. "I really want to contribute to this team and I really want to help us win a championship. I really think that I can help in some way."

There's been a string of bad luck in the few meaningful snaps he's taken this year.

Korn's first pass play of the year against Middle Tennessee, the ball slipped out of his hand and was returned for a touchdown. The last time that happened he was a sophomore at Byrnes. An interception later against Middle Tennessee bounced off his receiver. His first play against Boston College, a handoff, was fumbled.

Korn believes more playing time is falls to his performance in practice. But it hasn't been easy to watch from the sidelines on game day.

"I know I'm a really good player and I still have a lot of football left in me," he said.

Korn remains in support of Parker each time he comes off the field with a pat on the back and a conversation about what he's seeing on the field.

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