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CLEMSON - Clemson wide receiver coach Jeff Scott has been mixing and matching five receivers to find two consistent starters to go alongside Jacoby Ford.

It's been a steady rotation of Jaron Brown, Xavier Dye, Brandon Clear, Terrance Ashe and Marquan Jones through the first four games this year. By the end of next week's open date, Scott hopes two will have emerged by separating themselves from the other three.

"I think we have seen some of those guys develop on the practice field…last week in practice we were really excited with some of the plays Jaron and Marquan were starting to make," Scott said. "Right now, we're trying to take that from the practice field to the game field."

As the five continue to develop and improve on the practice field, Scott wants to see it some translation to the game field on Saturdays.

"Especially with a younger group, it's another thing when you put them out in a game situation and see how they respond…all of those little details, some of those guys do a better job than others when they're in the game," Scott said.

Against Texas Christian, he feels the Clemson wide receivers didn't take advantage of their opportunities to make plays when called upon.

The Texas Christian wide receivers did, Scott said. "That was the difference in the game from my vantage point."

Although Brown didn't have any catches in his first career start on Saturday, Scott sees continued improvement everyday and with each repetition he gets.

"He's someone we think has a lot of talent," Scott said. "I'm excited to watch him over the next couple of weeks. When he gets opportunities, I believe he's going to be successful."

Brown acknowledged that he made a "couple of big mistakes" but said they are correctable. It starts with being more physical while run blocking. There was a dropped pass and a penalty that he said could have cost the Tigers the game.

One thing he improved from the previous game was his route running.

"I think they were a lot better than the previous week as far as getting open," Brown said. "But I still have to get better at my run blocking."

Run blocking has been an issue that Scott said the group as a whole can improve. He believes Ashe has been the best run blocker among the group.

Although he's a capable blocker, Ashe said that football is a game of production. His drop late in the fourth quarter would have moved Clemson deep into Texas Christian territory.

Instead of letting the ball come to him, Ashe said he should have caught it out in front of his body.

"Going in and attacking it with my hands, I would have been better off," he said. "Catching the ball out front, that's one thing Coach Swinney wants us to do."

Scott wants to see any ball that has receivers' hands on it to be caught. Wherever the throw is, if hands touch it, the pass should be completed.

"It might be a little bit behind them, or whatever, but those are catches those guys have to make," he said. "They've got to make a living on that."

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