The Tajh Boyd Chronicles

CLEMSON - Freshman quarterback Tajh Boyd continues working with the scout team simulating Maryland this week in practice. He talks about that and much more in this week's edition of his freshman year diary with

I've got a few people I grew up with playing at Maryland. Trenton Hughes plays DB. Maurice Hampton, me and him played together and Haroon Brown, we played on the same high school team as well. I'm looking forward to going up there. We haven't talked lately but we keep in touch. I've talked to them in the past month.

I know some of the coaches and a few of the players up there. I'm looking forward to it. It's about three and a half hours from where I grew up. It's something like a homecoming game. I know I've got a few family members coming, so it should be fun.

That was a tough loss to Texas Christian. We've just got to score. Everything is still being put together but we need to come up with some offense. On Monday, we had a good day of practice but we have to just keep working.

Maryland has more of a balanced offense. I won't start off at scout team. I'll start off with coach (Billy) Napier and then go over there. I'll try to go and give the defense the best look that I can. I try to take as much pride as I can in that because I know that is a way the defense is going to get better.

I should start keeping track of my stats against the defense on scout team. I go out there and I don't really try to play around too much. I'm taking it as serious as can. I might go out there and start keeping track though. To me, we have the best defense in the ACC. So I could go out there and see what the completion percentage is looking like or whatever. I think I do pretty well. I can't wait to actually see how well I do on the field.

Right now, we should be 4-0. Honestly, those two games came off plays that shouldn't really happen. I know what kind of team we've got and what kind of talent we've got. As long as we keep working hard we really shouldn't have a problem winning the ACC. You have to face adversity and roll with it.

I try to keep up with all the ACC teams. I know Maryland kind of had a rough start so far. I was surprised to see Virginia Tech surprised me with the Miami game. Florida State is struggling here and there. If we just keep working, I think we'll have the most consistent team in the ACC.

The bye week will give everybody a chance to rejuvenate their bodies. It will give us extra time to prepare for Wake Forest. They're always a talented team. I guess it's very important. We've got to keep focus and need to come out on fire.

Coach has all these goals on the board and they're all still above: win the division, win the ACC, win the South Carolina game and win the bowl game. All of those are still up there. We've just got to keep working and hopefully we'll fulfill all those goals.

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