Allen working on the little things

CLEMSON - Dwayne Allen buys into Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney's notion that football is show business, not friend business.

On the third play of the of game during Saturday's 14-10 loss to Texas Christian, Dwayne Allen caught a Kyle Parker pass for nine yards, Allen's only reception. For the year, he has a touchdown on two catches for 17 yards and makes no bones about feeling jealousy while watching the tight ends at South Carolina and Georgia.

Allen said the potential go ahead touchdown catch in the fourth quarter was poorly thrown ball, one that he couldn't adjust to."

Offensive coordinator Billy Napier said it was thrown a little early.

"(Parker) just missed him. (Allen) was there but he just missed him," he said. "He threw it a little early."

"We looked over it (Monday) morning and Kyle (Parker) had a rough game," Allen said.

But admits that he's not without flaw.

"It's little things" that need correcting so he can make the most the opportunities to build on those numbers.

"I've got to run with my eyes up," he said. "There was a play early in the first half where I came and got on the safety real quick. But I didn't see the backside safety, he came and plastered me in the side of the head and threw me off my route. It's just running with my eyes up. If I had my eyes up I would have saw him and adjusted. Kyle would have put the ball where it needed to be and it would have been a completion."

Although the tight ends as a whole were involved particularly early against Texas Christian, Allen wouldn't mind seeing more opportunities.

"I don't want to be the selfish player that says, ‘I want the ball" even though I feel I could be used in some ways to help out the team," he said.

Michael Palmer and Rendrick Taylor also had a catch on Saturday's opening drive.

Allen said the three catches by tight ends during the opening drive against Texas Christian was amazing.

"Me and coach (Danny) Pearman were on the sideline slapping fives…(Texas Christian) made some adjustments but there were some plays we didn't come back to," he said.

Palmer finished the game with three catches for 21 yards and has seven for 58 this year. Taylor caught two for 17 for a total of four for 23 this year.

"There was an intention there really to do some things to keep (Texas Christian) off guard," he said. "We were able to consistently move the ball down field doing some different things, throwing to the tight end a couple of times." Top Stories