Thursday practice report

CLEMSON - Left tackle Chris Hairston will not play Saturday at Maryland unless he's needed.

Chris Hairston is listed as questionable and Miguel Chavis is down as probable for Saturday's game at Maryland.

"(Hairston) is very likely to play if we need him to play," Swinney said.

There's been no indication of a let down this week during practice, Swinney said. He credits that to the team's leadership.

"We have to come ready to play every week," he said. "We're not taking anybody for granted."

There's no taking Maryland wide receiver Torrey Smith for granted either. Smith is second in the country in all-purpose yards, one spot ahead of C.J. Spiller. Having Spiller and Jacoby Ford simulating Smith during on kickoff coverage during practice has helped. But it's not like Clemson's duo is being tackled during the week.

"They see their speed on the field. It's hard to simulate that. You've either got it or you don't," Swinney said.

Maryland plays a lot of more man coverage this year than in year's past because of the new scheme under defensive coordinator Don Brown.

"We work a lot against man coverage in practice and there's good carry over from that," Swinney said. Top Stories