10 questions with Kyle Parker

CLEMSON - CUTigers goes indepth with Kyle Parker as the Tigers head to College Park, Md. to face off with the Terps.

Have you felt like the rain in the past three home games has had a significant effect on your game performance?
Parker: I don't have too much of a problem throwing it when it's wet. I think it's tough for the guys catching it because it gets slick and you're trying to put a lot on it so it will go right through peoples hands. It can affect the game a whole lot more on the receiving end than it tends to on my end.

Is Jacoby your go-to receiver? The numbers obviously indicate that but is that your mindset on the field?
Parker: I mean to tell you the truth I don't really go out there looking for anyone specific. I don't go out there thinking "ok, I have to throw it to Jacoby on this play or CJ on this play." You just kind of go through the progressions and a lot of times those guys will be open.

What's your take on C.J.'s physical durability right now?
Parker: Yeah I think he's holding up pretty good for the most part. It's just that toe and that's just a matter of time for that to heal. I think we'll make it through this week with him and then we'll have a nice off week and he'll be ready to go for the Wake Forest game.

Do you ever stop and have any "wow" moments from C.J.'s performance during these games?
Parker: Yeah, absolutely. I mean it's easier to have those in the stands or in the sidelines than it is when you're out on the field. But yeah, I think everyone has had those moments. He's just so fast. You don't see too many guys who go from going nowhere to full speed. He has it. It's really hard to explain, but he's a special player.

What type of things have you been working on personally in practice?
Parker: Just the same old. Just trying to get in there and improve my game from week-to-week. And I just trying to go out there and put all the time and work in to be successful.

Do you feel like you're seeing personal growth on the field from week-to-week?
Parker: Yeah. That's one of my goals, just to get better from week-to-week. I think I can still do that. I need to put some time in and some work in. I'm not too worried about the mistakes I'm making, but more about what I can learn from them. I just try to keep moving on and really play to the best of my ability.

What are some specific improvements that need to be made to get you guys moving through the red zone?
Parker: I think we just really need to be able to make some plays, that's all I can think of. When they are there we need to make them and I think that has the ability to turn everything around.

Do you find yourself struggling with the strength you have behind the ball in some of those overthrows?
Parker: Well when I'm out there throwing I never say "I'm going to throw this one hard." That's just how it comes out. That's what I have to say to guys when they're asking me why I'm throwing it so hard. I'm just throwing; I'm not trying to kill anyone out there. That's like telling CJ not to run as fast, that's just the way it tends to happen sometimes. The hard part is finding that control.

Are you satisfied with the current play calling?
Parker: I mean it's tough to say, being as young as I am. I think Coach Napier has done a great job of calling the game and calling the plays. And the biggest thing coming from a coaching staff point, which is the way they look at it, is just making sure they are putting us in a position to win. I think they've done that every game we've been in so far this season. It's just been one or two plays that we haven't made or the other team did make. That's just the way it happens sometimes and we have to do our best to learn from it.

Are you at peace with this loss against TCU and in position to you're your focus to Maryland?
Parker: I don't think it's ever easy to get over a loss. I think that always throws you off a little bit, but you have to turn the page. You can't let a tough one like this ruin the rest of the season because we still have a lot of games left.

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