Door opening for Korn?

Despite similar results, Kyle Parker's performance on the final drive against Maryland was quite an improvement from the final possession against Texas Christian.

Starting from the Clemson 43 against the Horned Frogs, Parker completed one of three passing attempts for nine yards. In 1:01 off the game clock, the offense moved a total of three yards before turning the ball over on downs.

Starting at his own 30-yard line against the Terrapins, Parker completed his first four passing attempts—the first three to Michael Palmer (7, 13, 18) and the last to Jacoby Ford (4). In 1:29, he led the Tigers to the Terrapin 28 before throwing an incompletion and turning the ball over on a third down fumble at the 39.

Coach Dabo Swinney said the first four plays of that final drive was the offense's one bright spot from Saturday's fourth quarter.

"We get the ball, there's a minute-something to go and just bam, bam with no timeouts you go right down the field and we're in pretty good shape," he said. "That was very good to see a young quarterback bring his team down and put them in position to win."

That bright spot doesn't overshadow the outcome. Swinney said there are plenty of things for Parker to learn from the drive.

He also said that Willy Korn could possibly see more snaps in the future.

"(Korn) did OK. He had a couple of mistakes when he was in there. I thought he did a pretty good job when he was in there," Swinney said.

On his only series against Maryland, Korn completed two of three passing attempts for 13 yards and converted a third-down, scrambling 12 yards into Maryland territory. The drive also saw a few bounces go in Clemson's favor, unlike the moments on several of Korn's previous series this year.

"Hopefully he'll have a good couple of weeks of practice and we'll see where we go," Swinney said. "Kyle is doing some really good things and then he's inconsistent at times. That's something we knew we'd have. We've got to get it better.

"We have to get him playing a little bit more consistent than he has been."

During Monday's teleconference, Swinney was asked, "Are there any plans to give Willy Korn more of a role at quarterback?"

In the couple of weeks after Parker was named the starter, Swinney consistently answered similar questions about the quarterbacks, reiterating that Parker is the starter.

Swinney didn't say as much on Monday.

OTHER NOTES: Clemson Sports Information Director Tim Bourret said he failed to contact offensive coordinator Billy Napier about speaking to media after Saturday's 24-21 loss at Maryland.

During Monday afternoon's teleconference, Coach Dabo Swinney said he knows that he's always supposed to speak to the media after games.

"I don't always know where I'm going. I ain't going looking for y'all," Swinney said. "I would have never known where y'all were. (Bourret) comes and gets me to tell me where I go. I can assure you that nobody was avoiding the media."

Swinney and defensive coordinator Kevin Steele spoke to the media and took questions inside of a tent that was located up a set of stairs, outside of the visiting locker room at Maryland's Byrd Stadium.

The media began congregating near the locker room, waiting for players after seeing Steele and Swinney. Napier exited the locker room towards the team bus before players spoke to the media.

"I can promise you, these coordinators are going to show up," Swinney said.

He asked Bourret to make sure the coordinators know where to go for media obligations after games.

"I'll make sure they're there," Swinney said.

"He must have already showered before they finished up talking to Coach Swinney," Bourret said.

Swinney added that nobody would be avoiding the media. Top Stories