Message to the fans

CLEMSON - C.J. Spiller believes Clemson fans should be able to take the good and the bad.

Though there's not much to feel good about winning starring at a 2-3 record, there's been plenty of good from Spiller, who is now the Atlantic Coast Conference's leader in career all-purpose yards. With an 11-yard kickoff return in Saturday's 24-21 loss at Maryland, he passed former North Carolina running back Leon Johnson for first-place all-time.

Spiller has rushed for 380 yards scored one touchdown, caught 10 passes for 157 yards and a touchdown and has returned two kickoffs and a punt for touchdown through five games this year.

But those individual statistics are overshadowed by the most important team stat: wins.

The start to Dabo Swinney's first-year as head coach has fans clamoring on message boards and call-in radio shows something to change, someone to be fired or a tangible sign of improvement. Some who once proudly went all in are now all out.

Just like the preseason hype and publicity, Spiller doesn't pay attention to any of the negativity that surrounds Clemson right now.

"True Tiger fans are going to be all in with us," he said. "I have all the faith in the world that come next Saturday that stadium is going to be filled up."

Chris Chancellor couldn't have imagined a start of this kind. The record is one that nobody—fans, players and coaches—wanted this year.

"We just have to put those games behind us," he said. "Everybody has got to stay all in. We might have a lot of people jumping off the bandwagon right now because of the record. As a team, we're out there playing together."

Kyle Parker said the past few days haven't been easy. He believes the team could either give in or keep playing hard with hopes of turning the season around for the better.

"We can't give in. I think there's a lot of heart on this team…it will say a lot if we come out of this and turn this thing around," he said.

His message to the fans, "I'm just as frustrated as they are. I think people on this team care just as much if not more than a lot of the fans out there."

Even though the all four of the remaining goals are still on the table, there is only one focus for the next week and a half.

"Wake Forest is coming in here on the 17th and that's the game that we're focused on right now," Chancellor said.

Spiller doesn't see any reason why fans won't come out in full support of the Tigers a week from Saturday. Despite the 2-3 record, he believes Death Valley will be rocking.

"I'm pretty sure there's going to be 80,000 plus next Saturday and I can't wait to get out there and perform for them." Top Stories