Physical practice hits Wednesday

CLEMSON - Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney called Wednesday's practice a tough, hard-nosed physical one.

"The guys pushed through it good and responded. It was very competitive," he said.

Chris Hairston practiced with the first-team throughout the entire practice. David Smith, who played 18 snaps on Saturday, was a "bright spot" from the 24-21 loss to Maryland. Swinney said Smith will remain at tackle for now.

"(Hairston) was OK Saturday, but he wasn't quite there. He was not real confident with it," Swinney said. "After almost five more days, he's feeling a little better."

He said the sack that resulted in a fumble on the Tiger's final play was a quick gain protection. It was to be a "catch, cock and throw".

"You don't take a sack on a quick gain protection," Swinney said. "We had our back-there were two guys. One of them was going to come free and our back should have taken the inside guy, he took the outside guy, so we had a mistake there. You turn the furthest guy loose. They should never get there."

Accountability on that particular play goes towards the coaches. Swinney said, "We have to do a better job of coaching them."

Earlier this year, Swinney invited the band to watch practice and the invitation was accepted on Wednesday.

"They practice all summer and they're here in camp when we are," he said. "They hurt just like we hurt." Top Stories