The Tajh Boyd Chronicles

CLEMSON - Tajh Boyd discusses the loss to Maryland and life on the scout team as he Bryce McNeal and Rod McDowell start showing their stuff in this week's edition of his freshman year diary with

All of the other players went home over the weekend. Since my parents moved to Seneca, I just went over there. I went to watch my little brother's game, just kind of chilled and slept most of the time. Time management is crazy over here. I needed a whole bunch of sleep, so I got to do that and got my mom's cooking. I had a good time, chilled.

The loss to Maryland was a shocker. It was kind of disappointing because I know we're a better team than what we showed. But they came out good and played hard. I don't know what really happened. We've got a really talented team. We just have to keep working hard and we'll have a successful season.

It seems like Riley Skinner has been there for like eight years. It just seems like he's been there a long time. I watched when they played N.C. State, because I know he's thrown for 1,000 yards in like three games. I know he had like 300-something in the last game. He's been lighting it up so far. He's a good person to try and simulate. He's been successful and Coach Grobe has been successful over at Wake. It should be a fun game.

It gets frustrating hearing the same questions over and over. People asking, "Are you going to take off your red-shirt?" Whenever the opportunity does come, in the spring or whenever, I'm going to try and take advantage of it as full as I can and help the team out as much as I can. That's how I respond to it most of the time. I think the season is going to play out how it goes and I'll have my shot in the spring.

Those losses mean something to some people, but it doesn't really dictate anything for us. If we win the rest of these games, we are in the ACC Championship game. It's a task but I think we can fulfill it if we can keep working.

I watched the Florida State and Georgia Tech game. It was ridiculous because they scored so many points. The Florida/LSU, the LSU defense is so good, it's just nasty. They can't put up any points on offense at all. They can't move the ball. They held Florida though, 13-3. It was a good game.

I really wanted to see [QB] John Brantley play. I know he threw for like 300,400 yards in the spring game. I think he should get a shot.

Tim Tebow, I heard on ESPN, is still going through concussion treatment and everything like that. I don't know, I guess they really want to win that National Championship and they think they can't do it without Tim. It's cool because he's an inspirational figure out there. It's good to be able to watch him out there. Tim Tebow is the best mentally in college football. It's a will that he has. I'm in this class and we had this psychology dude come in and he asked, "Can you control winning?" A lot of people said you can't but I believe you can. It's a type of mindset you have and the way you fulfill it with a team. Tim Tebow, I think, he can control winning. He's so emotionally fixed with the whole team, the defense and offense. He's the motor. If he was done for the season, they would at least lose a couple of games, I think because of the type of person he is. The Tennessee game was an ugly game for Florida, but to see his passion and energy out there, not too many people have that. I think any quarterback would want to try and emulate that a little bit.

At first on scout team, we didn't really push the defense that much. Then we've started getting into it. I feel like the only way the defense is going to get better is if we're going as hard as we can. The scout team has picked up a lot. That's something I take pride in now, helping the defense get better. It's helping me get better by learning the speed of the game and just competing. I have a fun time doing it.

Bryce [McNeal] and Rod [McDowell] are on the scout team too. The only person we're missing from the room is Meeks—we're all roommates. Bryce, Rod and I—Bryce and I are starting to get the chemistry down, so it's really cool. Rod is just unbelievable. The moves he makes are just natural. I can't wait to be on the field with all these guys.

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