CUTigers Pick 'Em: Week Seven

CLEMSON - Every week throughout football season, the CUTigers staff will pick five games to test their collective knowledge against each. Week seven selections are posted inside.

Think you know college football? See how your weekly picks match up with the staff throughout the coming season!

Every week CUTigers will publish picks from the CUTigers staff, with all selections coming against the spread. (Anybody can pick straight up winners, we have to make things difficult).

Which esteemed CUTigers colleague will capture the "Turkey of the Week" award in week seven?
This week's games are as follows:

Wake Forest at Clemson (-7)
South Carolina at Alabama (-17)
Oklahoma vs. Texas (-3)
Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech (+3)
USC at Notre Dame (+10)

Each winner is picked against the spread, with one game from each contestant being tabbed "Lock of the Week."

For each regular game that is picked correctly, one point is awarded. For each "Lock of the Week" that is picked correctly, two points are awarded.

Keep in mind that this is for entertainment purposes only and all picks are made against the spread.

Last but not least, whoever comes in last place each week will be given the "Turkey of the Week" award. Esteemed columist Dan Scott went 0-5 a week ago, capturing the award for the second time.

This week's picks are posted below:

ROY PHILPOTT (publisher)
Wake Forest (+7)
South Carolina (+17)
Texas (-3)
Virginia Tech (-3)
Notre Dame (+10) - LOCK

Clemson (-7)
Alabama (-17)
Oklahoma (+3)
Georgia Tech (+3) - LOCK
Notre Dame

DON MUNSON (videographer)
Wake Forest (+7) - LOCK
Alabama (-17)
Texas (+3)
Virginia Tech (-3)
USC (-10)

DAN SCOTT (columnist)
Clemson (-7)
South Carolina - LOCK
Texas (+3)
Virginia Tech (-3)
USC (-10)

Clemson (-7)
Alabama (-17)
Texas (-3)
Georgia Tech (+3)

Prognosticator Last week Overall Total Points
Cadence Turpin 3-2 12-13 14
Roy Philpott 3-2 12-13 13
Don Munson 1-4 11-14 12
Hale McGranahan 2-3 9-16 11
Dan Scott 0-5 9-16 10 Top Stories