The Tajh Boyd Chronicles

CLEMSON - Once again freshman QB Tajh Boyd sits down with for his latest freshman year diary entry. This week, a 1-on-1 video interview is also included as Tajh talks about emulating Jacory Harris this week during practice!

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Beating Wake Forest was something that we really needed to get the momentum shifted back. I think we're going to make that turnaround. It could have been a lot worse. We could have put more points up but we made a few mistakes. I think that week off helped us a lot. It gave us sometime to get refocused and we're heading to the Miami game, it should be a good one.

Kyle (Parker) looked relaxed back there. The offense is starting to click a little bit more.

Jacory Harris puts up a lot of numbers. He's a good quarterback. I'm going to go out there this week and work especially hard because I know what type of team (Miami) has. They're a team with a lot of speed and we've just got to go out and prepare them as much as we can. I feel like when the defense has a great game it's a reflection of the scout team. I want them to be lights out--to let them know we do a pretty good job over there.

In the previous years, Miami has had some new coaches. After Larry Coker, Randy Shannon came in. They've had a lot of young players, especially last year. They're a little more experienced now, ranked eighth. They're going to come in with a lot of confidence but we're very confident too. Our players have worked hard--you've got to be confident if you've worked hard.

I've watched a lot of Miami games. I saw the highlights from the Oklahoma game, the Miami/Florida State game--that was crazy. The ACC is just crazy in general. You don't know who is winning and losing each week. Miami's had some good games but any team can be beaten any day. You have to be more worried about getting yourself prepared than worrying about them. If we do that, we'll be alright.

We've got a good chance to win this division. Clemson hasn't won a division here--that's kind of crazy, but we've got a possibility of doing that this year and going to an ACC title game. We're just trying to make that BCS Bowl game. We deserve to be in the top 25. We just have to go out there and show it.

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