Thursday practice report

CLEMSON - The Tigers wrap up the final practice before heading to Miami.

Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney wrapped up one last practice before the Tigers head to Miami for a 3:30 kickoff on Saturday against the Hurricanes.

"We're ready to go. The hay is in the barn," he said.

Again, crowd noise was played in across the loud speakers--a means of preparation for what could be a loud environment.

Chris Chancellor appeared on ESPN's ‘First Take' this morning for an interview about his late high school teammate, Jasper Howard, who was stabbed to death at the University of Connecticut last Sunday morning.

Chancellor will honor Howard in their hometown of Miami, by wearing Howard's No. 6.

Swinney said the nationally televised interview was a "great opportunity for (Chancellor) to represent his university, his teammates in the right way."

"That's not one of those things where somebody is trying to get recognition or anything. It's a situations that's really sad…it's not anything where he's looking for publicity from."

Chancellor shared memories of the two walking the halls in high school and spoke of Howard's desire to better himself on the track, football field and in life.

Swinney is pleased that the university will be able to fund Chancellor's flight back on Monday, allowing him to attend Howard's funeral.

"We have a fund that we can apply for, and he qualifies for that," Swinney said. Top Stories