Munson's ACC predictions - Week No. 8

Do you realize that if the ACC Championship game were to be played this weekend we would have a match-up of Boston College versus Virginia?

This weekend marks the start of the second of the season. What kind of odds could you have gotten on that match-up at the beginning of the year? But we don't play just half a season we play a full one and it is time for the real teams in the league to stand up.

Georgia Tech (6-1, 4-1) at Virginia (3-3, 2-0) 12 PM kickoff
I am not sure why people keep doubting the Yellow Jackets. All they do each week is come out and run the football down the other teams throat, pop off more than their fair share of big plays and win. Isn't that what every fan of their favorite team wishes they could do? The Jackets have the nations second best running game averaging 282 yards per game on the ground and just enough passing from QB Josh Nesbitt to keep opponents off balance. Georgia Tech will need that running game and passing to win this weekend. The Cavaliers have sprung to life in their last three ball games and appear to be a team getting better each week. The Cavs are not a big threat on offense, but defensively they have been shutting down folks. Virginia has owned the Yellow Jackets in Charlottesville winning the last eight ball games played between these two in the shadow of the Thomas Jefferson's home. As a matter of fact Virginia has taken five of the last six ball games in this series. This is a huge ball game for Georgia Tech if they want to take control of the Coastal Division. Final score: Georgia Tech 24 Virginia 13

Maryland (2-5, 1-2) at Duke (3-3, 1-1) 1:30 PM
Recently this has been a series that has been all Terrapins, but then haven't most teams dominated the Blue Devils? Maryland has won the last five games played between these two, the last five games played in Durham and nine of the last ten overall. Problem is this is a bad Maryland team against an improving Duke squad. History changes this weekend. Final score: Duke 28 Maryland 20

Wake Forest (4-3, 2-2) at Navy (5-2) 3:30 pm kickoff
Is is just me or wouldn't Clemson fans love to see a series put together with one of the military schools? I have always thought a long series with Army would be great to see. Notice I say Army because Navy has put some pretty good teams on the field the last several years. The Demon Deacons could not have played any worse than they did last week in Clemson and Jim Grobe can not coach any worse than he did last week. The Tigers in the romp over Wake showed what athletic talent and sound schemes can do to the Deacons. Navy will try to run the football right at Wake. The Midshipmen average 279 yards per game on the ground. That means ball possession will be the key. I just don't think from what I saw last week that Wake can do that. Final score: Navy 27 Wake 23

Boston College (5-2, 3-2) at Notre Dame (4-2) 3:30 pm kickoff
The Eagles of Boston College have been one of those teams that have played great at home but poor on the road. Not that surprising when you are playing with a freshman quarterback and you have lost a number of defensive players to the NFL. The Eagles have ruled this series as of late having won six in a row including three in a row in South Bend. The Irish are of course coming off an emotional contest with Southern Cal which they lost 34-27 in the shadow of Touchdown Jesus. Charlie Weiss has a tough task ahead of him in getting his team ready to go. Six losses in a row is a good motivational tool, but it won't be enough. Final score: Boston College 27 Notre Dame 24

Clemson (3-3, 2-2) at Miami (5-1, 2-1) 3:30 pm kickoff
The Tigers looked more than impressive in their 38-3 win over Wake Forest last week in Death Valley, but it is one thing to do it at home and something totally different to do it on the road. The Clemson defense was outstanding, especially the secondary. Wake QB Riley Skinner had no place to throw the ball and then held on to it much to long trying to make a play. That won't be the case with Jacory Harris. Harris has looked very and confident in the pocket all season long except for one game against Virginia Tech. The Hokies had the athletes to put pressure on Harris and now we will find out if the Tigers do as well. Miami's offensive line has played very well at home this season. They did a get job against Oklahoma and they will need to do the same against Clemson. The Tigers offense also helped the Tigers defense last week. By scoring points they took the pressure off the D to keep the team in the game.

Of coure, Kyle Parker did damage with both his arm and his feet and he will need to do the same in Miami. I have a feeling we are about to see something really special from C.J. Spiller and here is why. He will be playing in front of his father for the first time. C.J. and his father have not had the best of relationships, but that has change in the last twelve months or so. His father, a south Florida resident, has not been able to make it to Clemson to see him play, but now his boy is in his own back yard. Something tells me the son is about to show off for his father. Look for C.J. to go over the 100 yard mark on the ground again this week and to have a big play in the passing game. I also think Jacoby Ford is going to be heard from again.

The Miami defense has given up some big plays this year and now is the time for Jacoby to turn one in. Confidence is a strange thing. Two weeks ago the Tigers were looking for it and last week they found it. It is one thing to win at home and another to win on the road. It time the Tigers did just that. Final score: Clemson 27 Miami 17 Top Stories