The Tajh Boyd Chronicles

Tajh Boyd talks about Saturday's win at Miami and his role on the scout team as he helps prepare the Clemson defense for this weekend's game against Coastal Carolina.

I was sitting on the bench, it kind of shocked me kind of sat there for a minute and I realized Jacoby had scored to win the game. It was insane. I ran down to the corner but I didn't jump up on the little black thing. I don't know if I've got my vertical up yet. It was cool though.

That's the biggest win we've had around here in a little while. That was one of the most exciting games I've been a part of it. It's like ESPN Classic. By the time we got out of practice, we came up to the West End Zone and ate. The game was on TV. I guess they keep replaying it. That game was phenomenal though.

It was exciting on the plane. I couldn't even enjoy the little movie. It was cool. The momentum shifted a lot for the rest of the season. We've got to keep working and we'll be alright.

It was cool seeing the fans outside when we pulled up back in Clemson. I've never really seen nothing like it. The players are like, ‘The Tiger Walk is going to be packed again.' I wasn't expecting people to be there. It was like 1 o'clock in the morning. I guess some people came from downtown.

We had a good time when we went to Miami. Everybody wants to get back down there. The spirit is picked back up. If we keep working and finish it, we'll be in the ACC Championship game. We just have to go out here and execute.

We ran a little bit of Coastal Carolina's offense on Monday. It's a bunch of sprint outs. Everything they do is rolling out. I don't know how that's going to do against our defense, but we'll see. They do some alright stuff over there.

It's a challenge every week because the defense is getting better and better each week. You kind of have to throw the ball way before the receivers break. It helps you compete more and more.

Sometimes, I like getting on the edge on the sprint outs. I like to sit back too. It doesn't matter to me. I like it all pretty equal.

I'm kind of David Garrard-ish, like Jeff Blake. I like Troy Smith. I don't know. My game has changed a little bit since I was in high school. I actually think I can run better now than when I was in high school. My moves are a little quicker and everything. The velocity of the ball is coming out a little faster now. Coach Napier does a lot for me and helps out me out.

Coach Nape isn't a real vocal guy or real loud. He's pretty laid back. When he tells you something, he expects you to get it done. He puts an emphasis on mechanics. If I just listen to what he says, I'll be alright. Top Stories