10 questions with Brandon Maye

CLEMSON - Brandon Maye talks in-depth about last week's win at Miami and this week's Homecoming date versus Coastal Carolina.

How has it felt to transition from the frustrating loss at Maryland to winning these last two key games?
Maye: All praise be to God, first of all. It's a great feeling to go out there and finally win those games we've needed to win. It says a lot to win those close games and beat a #8 team on the road. That was what we needed and it's a very big confidence boost for us.

Do you feel like you guys have proved yourselves to be a championship team these last two games?
Maye: Yeah, I thought we went out there and had a good game. We have a lot of things that we ought to correct and we had a lot of mistakes, but the biggest thing is that we found a way to win the game. That was one of the biggest things for us. We had to find a way to get over that hump and win close games.

What was the celebration like with your teammates walking away from this game?
Maye: Man, it was one of the best feelings I've had in my whole life. I'll never forget that. Everybody was excited, throwing water all over the locker room. Coach Swinney was jumping up and down in the locker room. It was one of the greatest feelings.

What do you have to say about the fans waiting at Death Valley to greet you guys when you got back from Florida?
Maye: Oh yeah they're just a testimony to how great our fans are and how much they care about our team. For them to be out here cheering for us after a big road win, it was amazing for us to arrive back here and see all those fans waving the Clemson flag.

What did it feel like to be on your side of the ball when Miami got 19 yards on the first play in overtime?
Maye: We knew we had to make a big play. We knew we had to be the guys to step up. I told the guys, ‘Let's go. We have to make a big stop and get our offense the ball and give them a chance to win the game.' We just had to focus on being athletic. We were getting so excited and so emotional during that game. We knew we needed to settle down.

How were you able to keep a tough mentality in a game like this when the ball was constantly going back and forth?
Maye: Well, it was like what I was just talking about. We just had to settle down. It was a slugfest type of game. They were doing a great job with some of the plays they were running. But at the same time, we made a lot of mistakes up front and mistakes in a lot of different positions. That's one of the things we have to get corrected this week and that's what we'll make sure to do.

How are you working to stay focused this week after such a big conference win?
Maye: It's not going to be hard to stay focused. You have a have a great coaching staff with Coach Swinney and the rest of the coaches, so it's not going to be hard. We have a goal and we can't let any team come between that. It's exactly what my mom always tells me: that's to never underestimate your opponent.

After those big stops in the end of the game and into overtime, what was the mood of guys in the huddle?
Maye: In overtime, I was just telling the guys that they needed to settle down so that we could make the play. I knew the guys were going to step up. (Chris Chancellor) did a good job on the one play where he took away the route and forced them to throw it between coverage on 3rd down. We just got off the field and gave the offense a chance to win the game.

Were you telling yourself to settle down too?
Maye: I had to do that the whole game. You get a chance to play with Ray Lewis and some of those big time guys down in Miami. It was a very emotional game. It was hot so I had to calm myself down, focus, and get the defensive line set up to the best of my ability.

Do you feel like the experience from the Maryland loss will help you guys avoid a let down this weekend when you take on Coastal Carolina?
Maye: It's not going to be all we got. We have one goal and that's to be in the ACC Championship game. To meet that goal, we have to go and make sure things get corrected from the last game so we can come in and win this game against Coastal without a problem.

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