Signing Day Scoop

David Overmyer, Eric Young, and Woodly Telfort are just some of the prospects making noise headed into National Signing Day this Wednesday. The latest scoop on everyone is contained in this extensive report.

* David Overmyer- The latest on Parkview's David Overmyer has him looking hard again at South Carolina Gamecocks, which is a complete turn around from what was established last weekend out of the Overmyer household. Sources say that David has now narrowed his choices down to South Carolina and Clemson, with Florida State on the outside looking in.

The big offensive tackle has his teammate already verbally committed to Clemson and he's favored the Tigers at various points throughout the recruiting process. This one will go down to the end, but Clemson just might be the team to beat before it's all said and done with.

Probability of signing with Clemson: 60%

* Eric Young- Even Big E himself still isn't sure about what he's going to do on signing day. The best thing to do for all schools involved is to sit tight, cross your fingers, hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. He's scheduled to announce his decision to the world on Wednesday morning. Let's face it, there are rumors flying every where right now about the southeast's top lineman will end up, but in reality, we are all going to have to just "wait and see." It's as simple as that. If one thing can be said right now, don't be surprised to see him stay in-state.

Probability of signing with Clemson: 50%

* Woodly Telfort- The Gamecocks are once again involved with Telfort and trying to get him to change his verbal commitment from Clemson to South Carolina. Telfort has been unavailble for comment the last several days, but it's believed that Clemson is still the clear team to beat here. It's not over though.

Probability of signing with Clemson: 80%

* Curtis Rice- Union linebacker Curtis Rice is still waiting to hear if South Carolina or Clemson will offer him a formal scholarship, but at this point it looks unlikely. The underrated linebacker will likely know more about his situation later this evening.

Probability of signing with Clemson: 20%

* Noah Whiteside- All efforts to try and change the mind of Greenville's Noah Whiteside have failed. He'll sign with South Carolina this Wednesday afternoon and have the opportunity to contribute as early as next season in Columbia.

Probability of signing with Clemson: 0%

* Dominic Cooper- Don't rule out the Tigers for Louisiana DE Dominic Cooper. Clemson made a strong push at the end and have made re-think is commitment to LSU. The latest word seems to be that Clemson is right in the middle of it for his services.

Probability of signing with Clemson: 50% Top Stories