Big Bit and Little Bit

CLEMSON - Jamie Harper and Andre Ellington teammed up for 164 yards rushing in Saturday's win over Coastal Carolina.

C.J. Spiller's run for the Heisman Trophy was slowed down to a jog against Coastal Carolina.

Though Spiller scored on a six-yard touchdown run, it was his final carry of the day. Heading into the game, Coach Dabo Swinney hoped he wouldn't need too many flashes of lightning to beat the Chanticleers.

The 21-0 score less than five minutes into the second quarter helped keep Spiller off the field. His five carries for 27 yards and a touchdown were plenty.

Swinney didn't give much thought to Spiller sitting the entire game.

"You don't go into a game disrespecting an opponent," Swinney said. "We went in with all hands on board, ready to win the game."

The lack of touches for Spiller meant more opportunities for Jamie Harper and Andre Ellington.

Spiller doesn't mind the occasional spell, especially when he's got a pair of capable backs waiting behind him.

Clemson fans got a nice dose of what to expect from the future one, two punch of Harper and Ellington.

Similar to James Davis C.J. Spiller who are well known as Thunder and Lightning, Harper and Ellington have also been dubbed with duo's nickname: Big Bit and Little Bit.

Big Bit rushed 13 times for 76 yards. Little Bit rushed six times for 88 yards. Each scored a touchdown.

Harper thinks he ran well on Saturday, but wasn't 100 percent satisfied.

"I had a few more opportunities that I could have taken better advantage of, but I slipped up," he said. "I finished every run effectively."

Whenever he gets a chance, Ellington tries to make the most of his opportunities.

"I just try to be a playmaker. I just try to give the offense a different guy to give the ball to," he said.

For now, Ellington is content with his role of spelling Spiller.

"It's hard to play 60 plays with one guy against a good team. Jamie and I just try to play our role in giving him breaks and go in there and not make the offense fall back off a step," Ellington said.

Harper said there's one more cog to next year's rushing machine.

"Hot Rod-Roderick McDowell is coming behind us. He's going to be a great back," he said.

Plus the Tigers expect to return most of the starting offensive line. Thomas Austin graduates, leaving the left guard slot open for Mason Cloy to occupy. Even if Chris Hairston decides to make himself eligible for the NFL Draft, Clemson would return four starters from this year's line.

"With the line growing up and maturing, it's going to be a good thing," Harper said.

That's all got to wait. There are at least four, if not five or six more games in Spiller's Clemson career. There's plenty of lightning left in the forecast of this season. Top Stories