AUDIO: Dabo, Korn, Harper, Steele

CLEMSON - Click the links to listen to the thoughts from Clemson players and coaches about Saturday's 49-3 win over Coastal Carolina.

"It was a good win today. We were a little sloppy in the first half. We had a penalty, and there was that interception, so overall we did not execute as well on offense in the first half. I thought we really came alive in the second half. We did a good job of controlling the line of scrimmage, and our defense made it tough for their offense, which is what is supposed to happen. We got a lot of guys playing time today, which is great."

ON QUARTERBACK PLAY: "It was the first time since 1984 that we've have three different quarterbacks complete touchdown passes in a single game. Hats off to Jacoby Ford, he played excellent. Willy Korn also played a heck of a game. He came in and played very smart. Overall, our passing game was very efficient and effective. When you can capitalize on the pass and run, it makes it harder on the defense, which is what we did today."

ON KEVIN STEELE: "He is a passionate coach. He coaches from the beginning of the game to the very end. He takes a lot of pride in his job, and wants to make sure that everyone on defense does what they are supposed to do. Frustration comes sometimes when some of the backups miss assignments or miss tackles. Everyone plays hard in practice, so when backups get in the game it's their time to show that they can produce in game situations."

ON THE RUNNING BACKS: "Good day as far as running the ball. Ellington and Harper really both had some great runs today. Jaron Brown reminds me of a Derrick Hamilton. He is still growing as a player, but he is coming into his own. He also did a great job today."

ON FLORIDA STATE: "Florida State is one of the nation's best programs. They have great players and a great staff that will be ready for this game next week. Our players know them well, and we lost to them last year, so this game next week will be big for both programs. We just need to go back to work, and hopefully we will play our best game next week."

"Whether or not C.J. takes a break, I always have the mindset that I have to make the best of my opportunities. Andre Ellington and I were rotating in and out and just trying to make plays. If C.J. goes out, then I might have to be the starter, so I always go in with the mindset that I'm going to have to play a big role."


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