Gaddis: Championships are on the Way

Hoke County quarterback C.J. Gaddis committed to the Clemson Tigers early last year, and that commitment is stronger then ever headed into signing day. Gaddis is also working the phones Tuesday evening to talk to some of the prospects that appear to be on the fence between Clemson and several other schools.

C.J. Gaddis, one of the top recruits to verbally commit to Clemson for the 2003 class is ready to roll.

"Yup, I'm faxing my letter in tomorrow. I talked with Coach O'Cain yesterday and he was making sure I had everything filled out for my bio and stuff," said Gaddis late Tuesday evening. "I think my coaches are going to have everything set up for me in the morning when I get to school."

Gaddis is also planning on spending the evening talking to some of the prospects that still might be considering Clemson.

"Yeah I'm going to probably give Eric Young and David Overmyer a call and see what's up with them," Gaddis said.

"I know Coach O'Cain was telling me that they were waiting on a couple of offensive linemen and some other kids, so we'll have to see what happens tomorrow I guess."

As far as a few parting shots to go to all the Tiger fans out there, C.J. had the following to say.

"You tell them a championship is not even a few years away. We'll get there, I know we will."

We will continue to keep you updated on one of the Tigers' top prospects in the 2003 class, right up through the fall. Top Stories