The Tajh Boyd Chronicles

CLEMSON - Freshman QB Tajh Boyd talks about the atmosphere in Death Valley Saturday night and looks ahead to N.C. State.

I went to some games recruiting, but that game Saturday was by far the best one I've been to. The best game I've been to besides the Florida State game is the Tennessee/Alabama game--it was a night game too, but it ain't anything like that game the other night.

When everything just exploded, at the end of the third quarter and in the fourth quarter when we got 40. The game was going back-and-forth, they Kyle threw the touchdown to Durrell and when DeAndre got the pick, those parts of the game you won't really forget. When the crowd was doing the tomahawk chop, I was about do it with them. It was tight. It was a great game.

Everybody is good until they play our defense. That defense is something else. Quarterbacks think they're going to have a chance to settle in, but it doesn't happen like that. Every aspect of the defense is strong. You have a good front line, the linebackers are great and the secondary is excellent. Some teams will complete passes on us, but it's going to come to the point where it's going to stop and things are going to shift. It kind of happened like that.

Russell Wilson is like a complete quarterback. He runs. He throws. It's going to be fun emulating him. They've got a strong offense. I'm going to be interested to see what they can do against our defense.

I'm going try to run around a little bit like him because he rolls out and runs that way and the other way. The running back is pretty solid and I think we've got a good situation where we can be a really good scout team for the defense.

The coaches say games like these have really hurt Clemson in the past. Coaches tell us that none of the games until this point matter. N.C. State is a dangerous team. If they were to come out and upset us, it'd be tougher for us against Boston College. We've put a lot of hard work into it. It'd be tough if it falls through.

They beat Maryland, who beat us. They think they've got a chance to compete. They're going to be amped up, hyped up. They can still qualify for a bowl game if they win the rest of these games. They're going to come in with the mentality that they can win. We have to start early, fast and then finish strong.

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