Harper, Tigers focused on Virginia

CLEMSON - C.J. Spiller can thank Jamie Harper's 69-yard touchdown as the reason he did not have another shot at reaching the 100 yard plateau in Clemson's 43-23 win at N.C. State.

"On the next play, C.J. was going to come in to get his three yards to get 100 yards," Harper told reporters Monday morning.

He got a tip before the one-play drive that led him to believe Spiller would have to wait through another Wolfpack possession.

Harper said, "Coming out there, Chad Diehl looked at me and said, ‘Hey, number 97 is out of the game. The back-side should be open.'

"Sure enough, I cut it back, and it was house."

The guy who was called ‘Station' in high school for the PlayStation-like numbers he put up, Harper broke off the longest scoring run of his career with a few subtle moves. Echoes of Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver DeSean Jackson rang through Raleigh as Harper crossed the goal line.

After ruling the play a touchdown, the on-field referees were buzzed to review the play. Though the final ruling confirmed the call on the field, it was unsure whether Harper had possession of the ball after reaching the end zone. Jackson dropped the ball before crossing the goal line in a Monday Night game versus the Dallas Cowboys last season.

"I was just ready to drop the ball and celebrate with my teammates," Harper said, flashing a grin. "It was close."

He and Andre Ellington continue to provide a good one-two punch behind Spiller. The duo has a total of 115 carries for 369 yards and five touchdowns (Harper: 63-303, 3). Spiller has carried 153 times for 836 yards and six touchdowns.

Despite having to sit back in a secondary role and watch Spiller make plays, Harper appreciates what Spiller brings to the table.

"He probably amazes himself sometimes," Harper said. "The acceleration he has is just unbelievable. To blow past people and make the moves that he does, he's just so low key about it."

It's Spiller and the seniors on offense like Michael Palmer, Thomas Austin, Durrell Barry, Rendrick Taylor and Jacoby Ford who Harper said he's playing for this weekend. Playing with a trip to the ACC Championship on the line sweetens what could be an exciting Senior Day.

Even if a Boston College noon loss puts the Tigers in the championship before taking the field versus Virginia, Harper doesn't care.

"Everybody keeps talking about Boston College losing and we're in. We're not even talking about that," he said. "We just want to get the W every time. We're trying to make it happen ourselves. We don't need any handouts."

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