CLEMSON - It was a good trip to N.C. State. We put some points up. It's getting better and better. The defense and the offense are both playing solid. It's starting to come around pretty good.

That was the best the offense has played, besides the Wake Forest game. Everyone came in and did their job pretty solid and finished the game pretty well. I feel like it's getting better and better each week. They put a lot of time and emphasis into it with meetings, coaches taking a lot of pride and players are starting to take ownership with everything. It's starting to click.

C.J. is, I don't know, C.J. is crazy. The receivers are stepping up and everything, it's coming along good. When watching C.J., you just kind of sit back and take notes, as far as leadership goes--everything. You try to use everything to your advantage.

I try to look at mistakes, the good parts--everything. Hopefully, that can take my game to another level.

Russell Wilson is a really slippery guy. He came out and looked athletic. He didn't run as much as I thought he would. He had a pretty good game, I would say, against our defense. They were looking good.

Anytime the defense gives up a big play, I get up and say, ‘We did the same thing on scout team.'

Virginia has a big team on the offensive and defensive lines. We take a lot of pride in the weight room. I think we're a more physical team. We just have to go out and execute.

There's not an offense we haven't seen this year on defense because we play every type of team. Offense should be prepared. We should go out there, have a good all-around game, and polish up some.

I just have to play the best that I can. If I go out there and perform to the best of my ability, I'm giving them the best look I can.

They don't bring enough pressure with the 3-4 defense they run. With the type of receivers we've got, they'll get open.

I'm so excited. When I was getting recruited, coach Swinney told me they were going to be taking it in another direction. I didn't know it was going to happen this soon, but I feel like it's a great thing.

We need to go out there and execute on Saturday. North Carolina isn't a bad team. Boston College needs to go out there and execute too. All we can do is just worry about ourselves right now. We've got a long week of practice to prepare the best we can.

Even though I haven't played this season on the field, I feel like I've contributed a lot as well. God has blessed this team. He's shined a lot of sunlight on this team and we're looking forward to better days around here.

- Tajh Top Stories