Tigers forced indoors Wednesday

CLEMSON - Another rainy day forced Clemson indoors for practice on Wednesday as the Tigers...


Another rainy day forced Clemson indoors for practice on Wednesday as the Tigers prepare for Saturday's game versus Virginia.

Without hesitation, coach Dabo Swinney believes there have been more indoor practices this season than all six of the previous combined.

"It's been maybe once or twice a year. It has just been bizarre," he said. "Because we've had to go in so much, we've worked out a nice routine. When it pops up, we just flip the switch, and that's what we do."

As usual, the defense practice first while the offense meets with coaches. Before the offense takes to the field, the team comes together and meets. Once the offense begins practice, the defense meets with coaches.

Swinney said Wednesday's practice was a "good, productive day."

"We got after them in there on both sides of the ball today. We clean up some mistakes," he said. "Defensively, it might be a blessing that we were in there today. We were able to do some teach tempo-type stuff. They played 90 snaps on Saturday. It might have been a blessing in that regard."

Da'Quan Bowers practiced again Wednesday.

"He tried to cut it loose today, but it's on that carpet, and you're a little nervous," Swinney said. "I think he'll play. I don't know how much. It's one of those things we have to see game time--where he is and what he feels like."

Getting a few snaps under his belt Saturday would be good for the "stretch run," said Swinney, who also believes Thomas Austin could play on Saturday.

Swinney originally said he thought that Austin should wait until Thursday before getting back to practice.

"He knows what he's doing. He could mentally rep and he'll be just fine. But he got out there today and went. I think he'll be all right and ready to go too," Swinney said.

Spencer Benton and Richard Jackson continue to be battle for place kicking duties. Though the team was confined indoors, Swinney said they kicked on the outside fields with the long snappers and holders. Swinney hasn't received the results from the kicks.

"As of yesterday, we were neck and neck. We're just letting them compete. It might even go into pre-game," he said.

Though Virginia sports a 3-7 record, Swinney called the Cavaliers a "capable team."

"You just never know. That's why we have to stay focused on our process, what our formula for success is--our daily focus," he said.

Swinney told the team about the undefeated Mike Tyson losing to 42-1 underdog Buster Douglas in 1990.

"Mike Tyson probably lost his focus on what made him successful…this team has not done that. They've responded every week," Swinney said. "We just want to finish and we're right there."

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