7 questions with Jacoby Ford

CLEMSON - Jacoby Ford talks 1-on-1 with CUTigers.com about his last home game this Saturday against Virginia and much more.

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Jacoby how do you reflect on your career here at Clemson and how it feels to be going into your last home game?
Ford: My career here at Clemson has been a great experience, one that I won't forget for the rest of my life. I must say, it does fly by. It does feel like just yesterday that I was going into my first game and scoring my first touchdown here at Clemson. Just to wind it down, going into this last game, it just means a lot to me and all these seniors. We've been here; we've been through all the ups and the downs. Now we just really have the chance to go out with a big bang and be special in our last game here as Clemson Tigers. It's going to mean a lot to these guys and I just know we're going to go out there and play hard.

Could you write a better script, having the opportunity to clench an ACC Championship here in the final home game of your career?
Ford: No, I don't think you could write it up any better than this. You're in the driver's seat and in control of what direction you want to go in for the rest of the season. There's no better way to go out like that being a senior here at Clemson.

A preseason All-ACC selection, Jacoby Ford leads Clemson with 39 catches for 548 yards and four touchdowns this season. He also has another two scores on the ground. (Roy Philpott)

What will be going through your mind as you stand at the top of the hill on Saturday right before kick-off against Virginia?
Ford: I honestly don't even know yet. It all depends on how I start feeling when I get to the hill. I don't know if I'll be emotional or excited, I'll probably be all of it but I can't say I'll know how I'll feel once I have to go down that hill.

You and C.J. have been major components in changing the tone of this program over the last four years. Have you guys had a chance to talk about what you're feeling and thinking as it all winds down?
Ford: Actually I haven't really talked to him about it yet. I'm pretty sure we'll probably talk about it more this week as it starts getting closer. I'm sure during the last Tiger Walk, the last time getting on those buses to go to Anderson, and just a lot of last times that we won't be able to do again with this team here in Clemson. But it's definitely something in the back of my mind you just have to stay focused from so when it gets down to game time you'll be able to go out there and play hard.

What have you seen from Virginia on film so far this year? Are you expecting this to be a physical match-up?
Ford: They're definitely a big, physical team. They're kind of like a Boston College, they've just got really big guys. The secondary is really good ... they can tackle very well, and they can cover very well. The D-Linemen do a great job of holding everybody up and getting our blocks. The linebackers move pretty well too, so I was actually impressed by them. So we know what kind of game this is going to be. After playing them last year, we know they're going to be a big, physical, and defensive challenge. That's what they're known for and based on, having a good defense. So we know we're going to go out there and get their best shot.

Is a part of you thankful that the opportunity to clinch this ACC Championship spot is at home rather than you having to be facing this match-up on the road?
Ford: Yeah, it's definitely going to be electrifying up here. The fans have been wanting something that we have been wanting too. We have just been working really hard ever since August to get where we want to be. I'm pretty sure some people doubted us when we were 2-3, but after that, I think that our loss to Maryland was probably the best thing to happen to us actually. We were able to find our personality as a team and we came together and knew that if we wanted to turn this around, it was going to be up to us. I think we all just did a really great job of doing that since the Maryland game and the results have shown.

Was there any part of you on October 3rd that thought this team would be capable of winning five games in a row and clenching an ACC championship after that loss?
Ford: I knew we were capable of winning all of our games. Like I said, we're only 10 points away from being undefeated. That's in the past though. As far as us winning 5 games in a row, I guess it's just amazing what you can really do when a team comes together and plays as a whole unit.

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