Captain Chancellor

CLEMSON - Chris Chancellor was elected as one of three defensive captains by his teammates for the last two, maybe three games of the season.

And as one of the team's elder statesmen, the appointment means a lot to the guy known as ‘PT'.

"It lets me know the guys have respect for me and they look up to me to go out there and lead them vocally and on the field," Chancellor said.

A signee in 2005, he considers himself a veteran of the college game. Chancellor has been on teams with Charlie Whitehurst and Gaines Adams--guys who are now veterans in the NFL.

"It feels like I've been at Clemson for six or seven years…I feel pretty old," Chancellor said.

With Senior Day on the horizon, he remembers his favorite moment in Death Valley: the second interception he made against South Carolina.

"I kind of got up and did a Deon Dance for about a minute or so and ran to the sidelines," he said. "All my teammates were like, ‘I see you out there, PT. I see you.' That was pretty amazing."

Chancellor expects the thought of playing in Death Valley to hit him later this week--maybe while riding the bus to the hotel on Friday.

"I'm definitely going to miss it. Clemson has been a great place throughout the years," he said.

Able to fast-forward and think of what it would be like to stand alone at the top of the hill, Chancellor said he might do the same ‘Deon Dance'.

He expects there to be a rush of emotions. But he's not sure how he'll react.

"Just seeing all that orange is going to be tough. I might cry, I don't know," Chancellor said. "It's going to be pretty tough."

Playing for an ACC Championship birth adds that much more emotion to what is always an emotional day in Tigertown.

"We're on the right path to win that championship. But it starts with winning this game on Saturday," he said.

With his degree in hand, Chancellor is thankful for what he's experienced since 2005.

"It gave me an opportunity to come and make something of my life," he said. "The Clemson atmosphere, the fans, the players and coaches--it's just been tremendous." Top Stories