The Tajh Boyd Chronicles

CLEMSON - Freshman quarterback Tajh Boyd talks about winning the division and this week's game versus South Carolina.

Coach Swinney didn't say too much about Boston College losing to North Carolina before our game Saturday. He just wanted us to go out there and play a complete game. I think there were a few ups and downs but we finished the game pretty well.

It's good to win our first Atlantic Division title ever. We've got a very young team and I think the future is looking really bright. I thinking we're getting the program back to where it used to be--one of the premier programs in the country. For the past three or four years we were supposed to always be a top-10 program. But things didn't always work out accordingly by the end of the season. Coach Swinney has a lot of good things planned. We're taking those extra steps to becoming one of those top-10 programs.

Stephen Garcia is very athletic. He's got some good receivers out there. We've got to put pressure on him and get him flustered a little bit. He's an athletic guy. All the quarterbacks we've played this year have been good. If the defense continues to maintain what it's supposed to do, we should be fine.

I knew about the Clemson/Carolina rivalry before I came to school here. I still don't even know the extent of what the rivalry is. I guess I'm going to find out this weekend. I know it's a real big deal. That's all everybody talks about. It would mean a lot for us to go out here and finish the regular season like we're supposed to.

Coach Swinney said the other day that it's not the team that is more athletic or talented. It's the team that is more prepared. We prepare ourselves every week and prepare ourselves one game at a time. I'm going to do as much as I can to help the defense out and go out there and be successful.

Coach Swinney is a unique guy. We've got a lot of team dinners and stuff like that through the week. This Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday is a new thing to the team. That's just another step in taking the program to where it needs to be.

We've had a real big emphasis on focusing on this week. Right now, it's just South Carolina. Then next week will come and we'll have a full week to prepare. Last time, we only had four days. We're going to be ready. We're going to go out here and get ready for this week first.

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