10 questions with Brandon Maye

CLEMSON - Sophomore linebacker Brandon Maye talks about the South Carolina game and much more in another edition of "10 questions with..."

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Are you expecting a lot of unpredictability from Spurrier as this team has often experienced in the past?
Maye: Well the coaches have a game plan for us, so we're just trying to go out and execute the best we can. They do throw out a lot of different stuff, like Virginia, there will probably be some unexpected stuff. But we just have to go out and do our assignments, and hopefully that will work out good for us.

Does Stephen Garcia play like anbody you've seen this year?
Maye: He's similar to some of the quarterbacks we have played this year. He's similar to the guys from Georgia Tech who can run and throw. But at the same time, he's just another QB on the schedule. We have to continue to prepare the same way we have.

Do you think they will use Garcia to run the ball quite a bit in order to challenge this defense?
Maye: Yeah, I definitely expect them to come out and try some of the zone type of stuff. It's a copycat type of world, so I'm sure they will go back and look at some the film and try some of the stuff TCU did. We just have to keep the quarterback scrambling and disallowing him to make those plays.

Do you feel like your defense has really struggled with stopping the quarterback from getting upfield this season?
Maye: Yeah, we got too many guys freelancing on some plays. We have to execute better and that's the number one thing. We have to do our assignments. That's really what's been hurting us on some of the big plays that we've been giving up.

What is your view on the flow of their tight ends?
Maye: They do a lot of stuff with their tight ends, moving the tight end around and trying to create more people on one side to let the QB move in. You see a lot of stuff like that.

Brandon Maye leads the Tigers in total tackles with 81 through 11 games. He also has six tackles for loss and three sacks.(Roy Philpott)

Growing up in Mobile, you know how things are with the Auburn/Alabama rivalry. When did this one first start to settle in with you?
Maye: Well, coming from Alabama like you said, I do know how rivalry is. I think I learned last year that this was a really big deal when we came out here to play and the fans were going crazy. It was a great atmosphere. I'm looking forward to going down there and seeing the same type of atmosphere on Saturday.

Do you feel like you have a lot of good opportunities to put some pressure on Garcia after watching on film how Florida was able to sack him and take over the game fourth quarter?
Maye: Oh, I definitely feel like there are opportunities. Like I said, coach gave us a great game plan. One of the things is we just have to come up and execute better. We have some of the players on certain plays that try to freelance at times. I think as long as we stick to the plan and come out executing correctly, we'll create a lot of opportunities on Saturday.

Are you thinking about Georgia Tech and the ACC Championship right now?
Maye: No. The next game on the schedule is South Carolina and we just have to go out and prepare for South Carolina. They have all of our focus right now and we'll start worrying about Georgia Tech next week.

When C.J. called this team a top 15 team in the first half of the season, did he get any grief for that?
Maye: No. Nobody said anything because we knew what we were capable of. We knew we just had to win those close jobs and work on finishing the job; we had a lot of room for improvement. We just had to prove ourselves, and with South Carolina we still have to go out there and prove ourselves because there are a lot of people still doubting us.

Do you keep up with the polls and rankings?
Maye: I don't. I'm probably one of the few guys that doesn't. I just come out and keep playing and things work out for us. We know we're in the title game, but we also know that South Carolina's the next game so we've just got to keep our eye on South Carolina and bring our best.

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