Is Lane going to look?

Marlin Lane surprised many over the summer when he committed to the Clemson Tigers.

Nobody saw a decision that early coming for one of the premier backs in the class of 2011. Even though he is committed, many schools are in hot pursuit. Is he going to look at them? Find out here.

"I have a lot of offers and I am not even sure how many right now," said Marlin Lane. "I know Clemson, Arkansas, California, Miami, Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Michigan, Oregon, Texas Tech, Michigan State, and West Virginia have offered me. Those are the ones I can think of right now."

The Tigers of Clemson offered Lane early, they got him on their campus, and that is all it took for him to want to wear orange and purple. "It felt like home up at Clemson when I was there for the camp. I liked the coaches, it is a great football town, and it just felt right when I was there. I did not plan to commit then, but I just felt like it was the place for me."

Since then Lane has developed relationships with many on the Clemson coaching staff. The Tigers are still recruiting him, staying in touch on a regular basis, and doing a good job of keeping the Florida junior locked into their program.

The main coach recruiting Lane for the Tigers is Chris Rumph. He and the Clemson commit have a strong relationship.

"Me and Coach Rumph talk at least twice a week," said the Mainland junior. "We talk about my season, their season, the school, how I am doing in the classroom, and things like that. Our relationship is great and I enjoy talking to him."

Other coaches are trying to get involved too as they try to build that relationship with one of the top running backs in his class.

"Coach Reaves from Tennessee, Coach Rodriquez from Michigan, and Coach Galloway from West Virginia are some of the other coaches I have talked to. A lot of coaches want me to call them, but I haven't call many of them or talked to too many of them yet."

That is because of his commitment to Clemson. The 5-foot-11, 205 pound back still feels the strong connection to CU.

"I am still solid, my commitment is strong, and I am pretty set on Clemson."

Pretty set he said, so does that mean there is a chance he could possibly end up elsewhere?

"The odds are very high that I will sign with Clemson, but I am going to take my five official visits and take a look at some other places first. There are a lot of other schools recruiting me, so I want to take some visits next year."

The Sunshine State schools are all recruiting him, but he does not appear to be too interested in those right now. He is committed to a school in South Carolina and he knows he wants to get away from Daytona Beach when he goes to college.

"I have been here all of my life and I just want to go somewhere else," he said. "I don't want to go too far away, but just far enough. Clemson seems like a perfect distance for me. I just want to be somewhere new."

Another out of state program that is high on his list also wears a lot of orange. They are not in the ACC, but the SEC and Tennessee is that program.

"They are up there after Clemson right now and I am really looking at them. They have great tradition, they have a huge stadium, they always have great athletes on the team, and I know that is a school I want to check out."

Tennessee is just one of Lane's many options and he will have many to choose from when that time comes. He is a talented back that runs with power, speed, and balance and he will be highly ranked on

He likes the idea of being one of the best in the country and that is just going to push him to work even harder.

"I am going to do what I have to do to stay above the competition. I know teams come after me every game, so I go out and work hard to be the best. I want to be the best, I want to be a five-star recruit, and I am going to do what it takes to be that." Top Stories