Goose Creek popular stop

One of the top offensive line prospects in the southeast for the 2011 recruiting class had a number of coaches stop by his school this past week.

OT Brandon Shell Profile

Goose Creek's loss to Lancaster in the second round of the South Carolina 4A Division II state playoffs has left Brandon Shell already looking forward to next season.

"We should have won that game," said 2011 the offensive tackle.

The only thing the 6-7 290-pound Clemson target can do now is move on to the next step in his prep career.

"Right now, I'm playing basketball and lifting weights," he recently told CUTigers.

The four-star offensive tackle is regarded by most as one of the best, if not the best 2011 prospect in South Carolina. Several schools are taking notice too.

"This week, coaches from Georgia, Alabama, Maryland, N.C. State, Clemson and (South) Carolina were at the school," Shell said.

All of the schools that visited Goose Creek have also offered Shell a place in their respective recruiting classes for next year. He's also received offers from Florida, LSU, Kentucky and Duke.

"I don't really have any favorites right now," he said.

Shell's athleticism is on display when he hits the hardwood. It's no wonder why he's gotten so much attention from schools around the Southeast.

"I probably average about eight points a game and maybe nine or 10 rebounds," he said.

Once spring and summer roll around, Shell said he'd probably take a couple of visits to some schools that are showing interest.

Though he has no favorites, Shell's sure of what he's looking for from the next level.

"The way they handle the school and the whole athletic system and the coaches in particular," he said.

With kickoff for the 2010 season months away, Shell would like to improve a few aspects of his game.

"I want to improve on my pass blocking, getting the linebackers and try to work on my foot work as much as possible for next year," he said. Top Stories