AUDIO: OP, Booker Brothers, Stitt

CLEMSON - Listen to coach Oliver Purnell, Devin and Trevor Booker and Demontez Stitt.

OVERALL: "I was disappointed in the way we guarded the three-point shot. That was our emphasis because we knew Furman would need threes to beat us. But I liked our energy and effort coming out of exams. That showed a great deal of mental toughness from our guys."

ON THE BOOKER BROTHERS: "Devin's been coming. He continues to improve. I would like to see him play more physical on the defensive end, by boxing out and hitting the glass. Trevor hit the boards hard today. He's our emotional and energetic leader. We've fed off of him for the last couple of years."

ON THE SECOND HALF: "As a team, we came out and played hard. We started with energy and finished with energy. That has only been a problem once that I can think of. Hopefully, we learned that lesson against Illinois."

ON IMPORTANT STRETCH FOR FRESHMEN: "It's very important for us to integrate the young players into what we're doing. We made a conscious effort to get those guys more minutes tonight. Obviously, you want to win every game you can, but this stretch is about getting those guys ready for ACC play."



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