AUDIO: Purnell, Booker brothers, Stitt

CLEMSON - Listen to audio of Tuesday night's 79-57 win over Western Carolina.

OVERALL: "I was very impressed with the Western Carolina team and their play thus far in their league. We got off to a rough start and didn't have as much focus, but we got in the fight, which was important. We got the pace going the way we wanted 10-12 minutes before the half. It was a dogfight down the stretch; we missed free throws, which was tough down the line. We were able to limit their big kid and played good defense. Offensively, we did what we wanted; defensively, we didn't rebound like we wanted but we got cleaned up. It was a good win going into Christmas."

ON THE BOOKER BROTHERS: "They meant a lot in the 19-0 run. Devin carried us for that 3-4 minute stretch and did a good job on the boards. It's good that we converted, and that run sealed the deal. I stress about playing for each other, and when they're on the floor together, they play for one another. I think that the guys play better like that than when they're playing as individuals."

ON DEVIN LEARNING FROM TREVOR: "He's learned a tremendous amount. Anytime you're playing with a senior and sometimes against him, you're going to learn a lot. Tonight the brother combo was as effective as Clemson has seen in years. The last three or four games, Trevor has been a bear on the glass, or with scoring or assisting. He is the difference."