1-on-1 with Coach Stockstill

Clemson recruiting coordinator and wide receivers coach Rick Stockstill sat down with CUTigers.com to talk a little bit about spring practice and some of the other issues facing the Tigers after signing day 2003.

What's the latest on Roscoe, will he practice this spring?
Coach Stock: No, I don't think so. Roscoe won't be able to practice this spring because he's still getting that elbow to heal.

Is this a situation where the Royals could come in an offer him a lot of money and get him out of Clemson?
Coach Stock: Yes, there's always that chance. I'd say that right now Roscoe also has a lot of work ahead of him to get back on the practice fields. He's coming off of surgery and he's got a lot to do in the classroom if he's going to come back for us. The Royals could always offer him a little more money to come back, and then if he doesn't accept that, they can come back with a little more, and a little more. There's always that possibility.

Are there anymore position changes in the works headed into spring practice?
Coach Stock: Well we already moved Tye Hill and Gerald McCloud, but right I'd say right now, probably not. We may have a situation where we could interchange a rover, a whip, and a linebacker, or we move a defensive end down to defensive tackle, but nothing major at this point.

Can you talk about the development of Kelvin Grant headed into the spring?
Coach Stock: I think Kelvin made a lot of progress during the season last year, and I thought he got better as things went along. I think it was really tough on him not playing early, but he's now realizing that was the best thing we could have done. He's had a great offseason so far, and he's done really well in our offseason program. Joey Batson and those guys in our strength program have done a great job with him. If he continues to work hard and learn the offense- he'll be a real special player for us.

What about Duane Coleman?
Coach Stock: Duane really has a lot of potential. He really worked hard on the scout team and he's working hard in the offseason program. Just like Kelvin, if he continues to do the right thing then he'll have a chance to do some good things for us this spring.

What do you say the people that don't seem to be satisfied with this year's recruiting class?
Coach Stock: You know we had those 17 guys coming into signing day we were really holding and we were extremely happy with them. All along we knew where Syvelle was going, we knew where Demetris was going- so there weren't really any surprises there. The main thing here is that when all the dust settles, people will look back and realize that we had a good class and we met our needs but just came out one short on the offensive line.

With the remaining scholarships, is this a situation where the staff will try to bring on a preferred walk on and offer him a scholarship?
Coach Stock: There's a number of things we can do, including that. We may also have a guy that hasn't been qualified, suddenly qualify and sign with us. We may also have another guy like a John Leake who didn't sign with anybody in February but does later in the year. A lot of times what you can do is just hold that scholarship another year and use to pick up that extra lineman in next year's class.

Both you and Coach Bowden have mentioned that only 4 offensive linemen were signed this year, what about Chris McDuffie?
Coach Stock: We recruited him specifically to play the defensive line for us. He played on the offensive line last year at Hargrave, but we like him more at his natural position on the defensive line. If anybody was going to move to the offensive line, it would be someone like Zach Green, who could move down to tackle for us if he continues to grow like we think he will.

Does Brandon Nolen even get a sniff at running back next fall?
Coach Stock: He was really looked as a cornerback by Coach Lovett- he really likes him in the secondary. I'd say when he gets here we'll give him a look at running back, I know a lot of other schools wanted him as a running back, but he'll probably make the move over to defense fairly quickly.

In conclusion, we'd like to thank Coach Stock for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with us. You can read more about what he had to say about this year's recruiting class, in the upcoming CUTigers Recruiting Yearbook- which is due out in early March!

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