AUDIO: Dabo, Sapp, Spiller, Steele

NASHVILLE - Listen to Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney and selected players after the bowl game.

"It's a great win. I'm really proud of our football team, getting themselves ready to play. (We've) been through a lot this year and this was a great way to finish it. A very, very good year. I couldn't be more proud of the guys, especially how they won the game. You know, one of the things we felt like this, if we could rush the ball for more than they could, we'd have a great chance at winning the game and that turned out to be the case. We created a big turnover on defense. We were able to rally back, got down early and rally back to take the lead and never lost the lead again. I can't say enough about our defense and as far how they played down the stretch, really stood up and got the ball back for the offense. The turnover was huge and offensively, you know, we felt like we could run the football and that was our plan coming in.

"I give a lot of credit to our offensive line. All three of our backs ran very well and Jamie Harper was a huge spark for us tonight with almost 10 yards a carry. Obviously C.J. (Spiller) was always special and had another big night running the football. Andre Ellington averaged five yards a carry on his opportunities. Kyle Parker had a big run at the end of the game. Real proud of all three phases. I thought the special teams were very, very solid. I thought we covered well. We tackled well some very good return guys that they had. I thought that was a key in the game. Its nine wins for us. This was a goal for us to win the Bowl and create momentum for our program. We were able to accomplish that.

"As a first year staff, I don't know, I think maybe Oregon has won more games for a first year staff - new coordinator, new head coach, new d-coordinator - new staff coming together. I can't say enough about our team as far as what they accomplished- nine wins, winning the Atlantic division - but finishing the Bowl game the way they did creates a lot of momentum for us as we go into the off season moving forward. Our seniors, I've got two of them right beside me, I'm so proud of them. We lost three Bowl games in a row. These guys have yet to taste the sweetness of winning a Bowl game. They had the opportunity to play in front of the whole country tonight and I think they put on a good show. They were obviously ready to play, mentally and physically and our seniors were awesome. They were really awesome all night long. It came down to the last play, 4th-and-nine, and we got the stop that we needed to get the ball back and then that last drive, if we could get a couple first downs, knowing they had no timeouts, we could win the game. We gave the ball to 28 and he made a couple of huge runs to move the chains and we were able to just kill the clock.

"I'm really proud of this football team. I told the seniors that I really don't think Clemson will ever be the same after this group of men. They set a great standard for our freshmen, our sophomores, and our juniors. Those guys that one day will be seniors on how you handle yourself, on how you compete, on how you handle adversity, on how you battle and so forth. Hats off to these guys and (I'm) real proud for our fans. This was something they very much deserved."

C.J. SPILLER: (on the team caring about this bowl game and how the team acted differently from previous bowl games) That is the thing about this team. Win or lose, we are going to move on to the next game. I really felt better coming to this game than my freshman year. All of our guys had their helmets on. I felt as seniors, we really wanted to go out with a win and give these younger guys some momentum going into the offseason. It's huge to win a bowl game. Because these guys now know what it takes to get there. They know what the ingredients it takes to be national champions or ACC champions. That's one of the things (the seniors) wanted to do. We wanted to set the tempo. We couldn't have done this without our coaches. They put us in a position to win. Coach (Dabo) Swinney is going to put us in a position to win, but it's up to us to go out there and perform.

"It's awesome. It's good to get a win and get some momentum going in the offseason. It just feels really good to get a win. Offensive line did a good job and it all just came together."

"We haven't won a bowl game since I've been here so it's a good feeling. I just played within the scheme tonight ... we just all did our job and everything took care of itself."

"We knew they were going to come out and play us aggressively and we came out and matched it. [About the draft] - Everybody is saying I'm going to be projected second round. I'm leaning toward coming back right now. I feel like I'm better than second round. In the next week I'll probably know something."

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