AUDIO: Purnell, Booker, Young, Grant

CLEMSON - Listen to post-game audio of Tuesday night's 70-67 win over S.C. State at Littlejohn Coliseum.

OVERALL: "I take responsibility for the way our team played. Our guys weren't prepared enough. I think we had our guys looking forward to closing [the preconference schedule] out. But give South Carolina State all the credit in the world. It was like the Illinois game in that I thought we were tentative on the offensive end. Down the stretch, we didn't step up to the line and hit free throws with courage. Obviously we looked past this one."

ON STARTING DEVIN BOOKER: "It (the decision) was okay. It wasn't one of our finest moments tonight, but it went fine. We need seven or eight players to play well, and we didn't get that tonight. But he's played well over the last five or six ball games. He's been coming. He's another guy that, when you get the ball to him in the deep post, he can cause problems."

ANDRE YOUNG : (3:25)


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