Freestylin' with Bryan Narcisse

Fan favorite Bryan Narcisse is the latest Clemson athlete to do a diary for

First I want to wish a Happy New Years to my Tiger family.

Second, it is hard to believe that I am about to start my second time around the college basketball circuit but I am still taking it all in as if it is my first because when I once heard someone say that "when you stop learning, then you really are old." And speaking of old, we narrowly dodged a bullet by my old man's alma mater (South Carolina State) on Tuesday when we beat them 70-67.

Even though we pulled out the win that did not stop him from throwing in his usual "I-told-you-not-to-sleep-on-them" comments like he usually does whenever they play.

I will say that every game and situation has shaped us into the team that we are right now headed into the ACC season and you cannot get a proper bearing on the strength of your program unless you go through fire. A test by fire can either leave your overall composition melted while you gather pieces to make a last push for the tournament or it can leave you refined, sharp and looking indestructible heading into the Big Dance.

The first major test comes on Sunday at Duke, which by the way I have yet to play there so that should be fun. I'm sure that they remember last year (our 74-47 victory in Littlejohn) so there is no doubt that we will be in a war Sunday night in Durham.

-Bryan "B Nice" Narcisse Top Stories