AUDIO: Purnell, Booker and Smith

CLEMSON - Listen to post-game interviews with Oliver Purnell, Trevor Booker and Tanner Smith.

"This was a good bounce-back win. The first ACC win is tough to come by. We executed the game plan, pushed the tempo, and did a good job on the backboards. We had to fix the team rebounding after the first half; as a team you have to rebound well against BC. We talked about it before, but it took a while to make it happen. Devin (Booker) was outstanding on the boards and Demontez (Stitt) did a good job slicing to the basket. We did a good job touching the ball in the paint, which is where we really hurt them. We did a good job involving multiple guys. I thought it was one of Noel's (Johnson) better games. I don't worry about him offensively, but he can't be a liability on defense. He was rebounding the heck out of the ball."


TANNER SMITH: (2:40) Top Stories