Talking Justin Parker's visit talks 1-on-1 with Beaufort head coach Mark Clifford about his star linebacker's official visit to Clemson this weekend and where things stand in terms of recruiting.

Beaufort High School football coach Mark Clifford maintains a Laissez-faire approach in helping his players decide where they want to play football at the college level.

Justin Parker is the newest prospect out of Beaufort, S.C. to be heavily recruited out of Clifford's program. Duane Chisolm, Jimmy Legree and Devin Taylor--all of who whom signed with South Carolina out of Beaufort.

"I just try to give them all the important things they need to decide on, give them a check-list and all of that," Clifford told CUTigers. "As far as advice on where to go, I usually don't get into that. That's between him and his family."

Clemson is currently in a battle with South Carolina and LSU for Justin Parker's John Hancock this upcoming signing day. Those Clemson fans who are convinced that Parker bound for Columbia, can pump the breaks on that thought right now.

He was one of a few non Clemson commits in Tigertown on official visit this past weekend.

"Evidently, it went well," Clifford said. "He said his head's spinning."

There are several factors that he advises his players to consider while looking at schools.

"Location, if that's important. If they've got the major--I think that's important. The academic help, what they get there and what they put into it…the worth of the degree and what potential you have to get a job with that degree. At some schools, it's better than others," Clifford said.

Of course, there's also the considerations of what's happening on the field.

"How soon he'll play. What kind of depth chart they've got there," he said.

Clifford asks his players to rank the areas they consider on a scale of 1-5. The final score doesn't have to necessarily add up to the answer as to where they should go. He encourages guys to go with their gut feeling too.

"The process is good at making you think, think about if you're making the right decision," Clifford said.

Parker last spoke to CUTigers about the stresses of recruiting. Clifford believes Parker has done a good job at keeping a level head throughout the process.

"You have to be a pretty level-headed kid to hear all of that stuff, be able to get down to business, and give it 100 percent," Clifford said. "He seems to have his head on his shoulders. I think he'll do a good job and make the right choice."

Parker is scheduled to visit LSU this weekend and Georgia Tech the first weekend in February. A decision will be announced on signing day. Top Stories