Freestylin' with Bryan Narcisse

Fan favorite Bryan Narcisse is the latest Clemson athlete to do a diary for

So now that school is back in session, that means that the student body is back as well and as usual, they rocked Littlejohn last Saturday against Boston College. We picked up our first ACC win of the season as well as setting a foundation that we will look to build upon tonight against North Carolina.

But I think a lot of people get the misconception that we, as a team, are only concerned with Clemson basketball but spend some time with us and you will clearly see that we are regular college kids beyond the court. Let me give you an example: David, Trevor, and Demontez are Cowboys fans (I am too but I'm not nearly as passionate about it as they are) and there was some friendly joking and jiving going on in the locker room about how the Cowboys had not won a playoff game since 1996 but as soon as they won, the usual "How ‘bout them Cowboys!" comment chirped throughout the locker room from the three. They love their Cowboys and seeing as how I am also a Cowboys fan, I had to throw that in there this week.

(SIDENOTE: because we don't know when they could win OR LOSE another playoff game; this could start a new streak)

Well, game time is 9:00 PM on ESPN so I'm going to go get my haircut like most of us do before a nationally televised game. North Carolina is coming into Littlejohn and we are determined to stay above .500 in the ACC so it is going to be a war tonight.

-Bryan "B Nice" Narcisse Top Stories