AUDIO: Purnell, Booker and Stitt

CLEMSON - Listen to coach Oliver Purnell, Trevor Booker and Demontez Stitt after Wednesday night's win over North Carolina. North Carolina coach Roy Williams weighs in too.

"This game was a great team effort, both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Both teams love to push the pace, but we felt like we were the quicker and faster team. This helped us stay on top of them and keep them on their toes. We were able to keep Trevor (Booker) moving throughout the offense, which is tougher for them to defend. We did not shoot well from three, but we did shoot better from the free throw line. It was a trade off. We have to continue the climb and get better."

ON PRESSURE DEFENSE: "Pressure defense is Clemson basketball. We thought we would be able to keep the pressure on them and force turnovers; we ended up forcing 26. We got quite a few points off of turnovers which helped us keep the pace up."

ON THE WIN OVERALL: "It's always satisfying when you beat a Duke or a North Carolina or any team like that with a storied program, but I don't look at it that way. This is an early ACC win, which is good for our team, but you don't see me smiling yet."

"I coached a very poor basketball game tonight. I really felt like we would play well but they had a tremendous sense of urgency. A tremendous passion. A tremendous aggressiveness. It started out 7-0 and I almost called a timeout. I've never done that in my life."


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