Clemson on elite '11 QB's radar

It sounds as if Clemson's made a solid early impression on the top signal caller in the Charlotte-area.

Butler High School (Matthews, N.C.) quarterback Christian LeMay has offers that include Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Florida State, Miami, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

"Right now, I'm just trying to get all of my facts about schools and start to try to narrow it down," he told CUTigers recently.

LeMay, who's the son of a pastor, will keep several factors in mind as he works towards choosing which school he'll attend.

"I'm starting to look at the family atmosphere…how they relate to me and my family, how they treat people that are coming from my standpoint," he said. "I'm a guy with strong faith. That's the most important thing in my life, before football and everything else. I just want to see how they handle that as well."

Wide receivers coach/recruiting coordinator Jeff Scott and offensive tackles and tight ends coach Danny Pearman are the Clemson recruiters who keep in regular contact with LeMay. There are two notable Clemson athletes who are Butler graduates. Safety Spencer Adams and the basketball team's starting point guard Demontez Stitt are both former Bulldogs.

Lately, LeMay said Adams has been happy to talk about Butler's recent North Carolina 4-A state title.

"That's a big thing around here. Being in the same place as Independence, somebody else gets to shine other than them," LeMay said. "That's pretty different. Everybody's a little excited about it."

There conversations aren't always football, though Adams manages to drop his hints.

"We just talk about life. Football and Clemson, of course he'll splash it in there, but he understands the pressure of being a top athlete as well," Lemay said.

"I know Demontez. When he's in town, I'll talk to him too. I see him from time to time. Apparently, he played a great game (Wednesday in Clemson's 83-64 win over North Carolina on the hardwood)."

LeMay used to play basketball too, but he keeps his athletic focus on football and working out.

This spring, he'll take several junior day trips, one of which will "probably" be to Clemson.

"I definitely have them on my calendar. I'm not sure about the rest. I've received something from coach Pearman about their junior day," LeMay said. "I'm trying to fit it in and make sure I've got nothing else going on."

This fall, he attended the Clemson/Florida State game and also went to Georgia, Tennessee and Wake Forest.

"That was my first time for a game (at Clemson). I went there in the spring after I received the verbal offer. I went down for the spring game," LeMay said.

With two trips to Tigertown under his belt, he's got plenty of nice things to say about Clemson.

"It's kind of like a high school. It's a nice, little community. If you don't know somebody, you must have just gotten there," LeMay said. "I kind of like that feeling. Everybody knows everybody. Everybody keeps each other accountable, makes sure their doing the right things and makes sure you're going on the right path."

It sounds like the Tiger coaches fit the mold of what he's looking for at the next level.

"I also like the coaches. They're real with you. They care more about you as a person, more so than as a football player," he said. "Most people now-a-days, they're just drilling in to be a good football player. They don't care about the other aspects of your life, as growing you up as a man, growing you up as a father and a husband as well.

"Going up to a place like that, Coach (Dabo) Swinney and coach Jeff (Scott) does a great job at that. They do a great job at developing their student-athletes to be successful members of society."

When LeMay has spoken with Swinney, the conversation has been less on football and more about life.

"Mainly when we talked, it was more so about how are you living, more so talking about life," LeMay said. "I really appreciate that he cares more about how you're doing as a person then all the football accolades."

As a junior, LeMay threw for 3,291 yards, 44 touchdowns and just two interceptions. He also rushed for 577 yards and four touchdowns. Top Stories